?The head of Siemens did not meet with Putin – media

2017-10-13 20:59

?The head of Siemens did not meet with Putin – media
Economic observer of “the German wave” Andrey Gurkov called “demarche” the refusal of the Executive Director of the German company Siemens Joe Cetera to attend the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with representatives of business circles of Germany.

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Executive Director of the German company Siemens, Joe KAESER, was not present at the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with representatives of business circles of Germany, held on 12 October in Sochi (Russia), reports Rus.Media. About this column to “Deutsche Welle” said economic analyst Andrey Gurkov.

“This is definitely the move. And unprecedented in the history of the traditionally very warm relationship between German big business and the Russian leadership. Their conspicuous absence… the head of Siemens clearly giving to understand how deeply the German company is offended by how he had been deceived in Russia, where he started more than half a century ago,” he wrote.

According to Gurkov behavior Cetera “reinforces the suspicion” that the German concern in his time in Moscow at the highest level gave assurance that their turbines, “everything will be clean and in Crimea they will not be”.

“And cynically violated. Frustrated personally Casera moreover, it is clear that the three and a half years ago, in the midst of the Crimean crisis, none of the German captain of big business did not show such a pronounced loyalty to the Russian leadership, as he,” the observer said.

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From a report on the meeting of Putin with representatives of German business on the website of the Russian President, it follows that the name of the German company only came up once, but not Putin, and Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev. He called Siemens, one of the partners is dealing with his country.

July 5, Reuters with reference to anonymous sources reported that two turbines manufactured by Siemens arrived in the occupied port of Sevastopol. They allegedly intended for use on a future plant in this city. On 6 July, Siemens said that he had not supplied the turbines in the Crimea, and the next day told about creation of working group which will investigate the incident.

21 July, Siemens said that in the Crimea illegally moved them four gas turbine plants, which in summer is transferred to the plant in Taman (Krasnodar region). The company filed an action in court in the case of deliveries of gas turbines in the Crimea. She also stated that he initiated the process of termination of license agreements with Russian companies in the field of supplies of equipment for combined-cycle power plants.

24 July Germany proposed to extend sanctions against Russia because of the Siemens turbine.