The head of the DNC: we Will celebrate Christmas according to the Western style

Глава ПЦУ: Будем праздновать Рождество по западному стилю

The frame of the/f “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” (1962)
The Nativity of Christ, parishioners of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (ptsu) will celebrate according to the Gregorian calendar on 25 December. This was stated by the head of the DNC Metropolitan Epiphany (Dumenko).

Metropolitan believes that it is difficult to imagine how much time you will need to change the date of holiday, which in Ukraine and in Russia is always celebrated on 7 January.

“The majority of local Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas according to the new, Gregorian calendar. And we can do it in the future if it will take the Ukrainian people. If Christians in Ukraine will begin to celebrate Christmas on December 25, shortly it will be possible to speak about changes in the Church, he said. — If the Church will see that the majority of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine are ready to take it, I want to celebrate it in a new style, then there will be no problems.”As reported by Colossal, recently created ptsu until acknowledged three local churches of Constantinople, Greece and Alexandria. Ptsu was organized as a result of the political efforts of former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew, the signatories of the Tomos of autocephaly of the ptsu. Other Orthodox churches do not recognize Ukrainian schismatics.
Currently the Roman Catholic Church and most Protestant churches celebrate Christmas on December 25. Russian, Jerusalem, Serbian, Georgian Orthodox churches and mount Athos, the Polish, and Eastern Catholic Church celebrate Christmas on January 7. Constantinople (except mount Athos), Antioch, Alexandria, Cyprus, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek and some other Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas along with other Christian denominations on the “new style” — December 25th.

Oriental churches (Armenian Apostolic Church) celebrate Christmas on January 6 in one day with Epiphany under the General name of the Epiphany.

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