The head of the EU foreign Ministers will discuss the situation in Ukraine

Главы МИД стран Евросоюза обсудят ситуацию в Украине

In Luxembourg, the foreign Ministers of EU countries will discuss the situation in Ukraine.
The situation in Ukraine is one of the main agendas of the EU Council on foreign Affairs, which will meet on Monday in Luxembourg.

A senior European official, presenting to journalists on condition of anonymity on Friday in Brussels the agenda of the Council, noted that in the review of current political events, which usually opens the meeting, the Ministers will return to the themes of the series of discussions held in new York during the 74th session of the UN General Assembly.

The final issue in the main agenda is the Ukraine.

In connection with the invitation for a working lunch of the new Ukrainian Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the EU pre-will share their perspectives on reform, with a focus on energy, justice.

“Once again, we’ll talk about the efforts made by Ukraine to strengthen its stability, especially in the energy sector”, – said the source.

Further, according to him, it will be about the conflict in the Donbass. “There is relatively good news to the extent that “formula Steinmeier”, it seems, progresses,” he said, adding that, in any case, it will be interesting to hear how development and conflict.

Answering questions, the press said: “We have always supported the work of the “Normandy format”, and we remain convinced that the (anti-Russian economic – if) sanctions should be tied to full implementation of the Minsk agreements”.

He believes that at the moment this condition is not satisfied, although there are some action going in the right direction. But the formula Steinmeier” is only one, while there are other aspects. For example, it is important that the Ukrainian side was able to regain control of the border, there is also the question of a credible cease-fire – “everything that the European Union has said for a long time, should be carried out, and the moment it is implemented, we will also be ready to advance further in the Donbass, but first you have to see what happens.”

“Now look at what the score will be made by Ministers,” said a European source.

In his opinion, it is also interesting to hear the opinion of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and participants of the “Normandy format”.

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