The head of the U.S. justice Department criticized the FBI for surveillance of the electoral headquarters of the trump

William Barr also believes that there had been gross violations of the law on the monitoring of foreign intelligence.

Глава Минюста США раскритиковал ФБР за слежку за избирательным штабом Трампа

NEW YORK, December 11. /TASS/. The Minister of justice – US attorney General William Barr has challenged a key outcome of the proceedings of the inspector General of the justice Ministry Michael Horowitz, criticizing the validity of surveillance by the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) of the electoral headquarters of the Republican Donald trump in 2016.”I believe that our people three years put down on the head, based on a complete fake, which fanned and hyped by irresponsible press. I believe that there had been gross violations of the law on the monitoring of foreign intelligence, and provide examples of incomprehensible actions that are not permitted in the FBI,” said the head of the justice Ministry on Tuesday published an interview with NBC TV.

Trump later took the post of President of the United States, have repeatedly criticized the act, arguing that its provisions were applied for the surveillance of his campaign headquarters. Under the previous version of the law, U.S. intelligence agencies had no right to conduct similar surveillance of Americans without a court order, however, U.S. citizens could be subject to programme and be under supervision if they had contact with the foreigners who were in the field of intelligence. In the beginning of 2018 the Republicans in Congress were able to make amendments to the law that hinder the surveillance of Americans.

Barr saw malice on the part of the FBI, which justified the continued surveillance of the headquarters of trump’s so-called dossier of a former agent of British intelligence Christopher Steele with unproven incriminating information. “They (FBI – approx. TASS) not just withheld from the court that based on the perfect nonsense, but began to throw [the evidence] to give weight to the report of Steele”, – said the head of the justice Ministry, referring to a special American court hearing in closed session requests for issue of orders for electronic surveillance of suspected foreign intelligence services.”This is hard to explain. A key conclusion of the inspector General, in my opinion, is that these oddities, inaccuracies and omissions have not been explained satisfactorily. I believe this leaves open the possibility for withdrawal of an intentional breach [of duty]”, – concluded Bbl. He rebuked Horowitz that he made his report, satisfied with the testimony of witnesses who have provided a reasonable explanation for the doubtful cases, and did not contradict each other.

The FBI Director is Christopher ray, appointed in August of 2017, in a written statement, described the results released Monday of the investigation Horowitz as “constructive criticism”. Spectacular USA John Durham, presenter on behalf of Barr in may this year, its own review of the circumstances of the beginning of U.S. intelligence surveillance of the headquarters of the trump, said he did not share certain insights Horowitz.

The accusations of the us intelligence

The U.S. secret service, accused Russia of interference in the American electoral process in 2016. The investigation of these alleged attempts to influence were engaged for almost two years the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller, who was appointed on the post of spectacular. On 18 April the US Department of justice released its final report, which Mueller acknowledged that the investigation did not reveal the conspiracy won the election trump with Russia.

The trump has repeatedly rejected suspicions of any improper contacts with officials of Russia during the election campaign. Moscow many times rejected the conclusions about the attempts to influence the elections in the United States. No evidence of the involvement of the Russian authorities to the alleged interference in the American elections in 2016, the US administration never provided.

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