The health first of all to the Bruins

La santé avant tout chez les Bruins

The head coach of the Boston Bruins, Bruce Cassidy, is considering to grant a reprieve to some of his players during the mini-tournament and determining places 1 to 4 of the Association Is in anticipation of the series.

The driver thus prefers to keep his reserves for the playoffs and not for ranking. Occupying the summit of the general standings of the national hockey League (NHL), the interruption of the regular schedule, the training of the Massachusetts fight with the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Washington Capitals and the Philadelphia Flyers to the status of primary head series in the East.

“We can rest some guys, certainly, has mentioned Cassidy NBC Sports. Our veterans have-they need all three of these meetings to find their fitness? Even if this is the case, should we use the risk that they are injured? There are a lot of factors that come into account. Each club will probably have a bit the same approach in the preliminary round. The teams will want to be in their best health and when the series will begin.”

The last word to the players?

As a result, Boston will focus more on the condition of the troops on the results of this round before the series, judging by the comments of his head coach. And it seems that he will rely to the echoes offered by his men to decide the result. Some of them, including captain Zdeno Chara, have quite a lot of mileage in the body.

“Do we want to win these three parts? Of course, but I believe that all teams will adopt an approach worthy of the timing of preseason. They want to build their training for each encounter, he said. If the veterans want to participate in each battle, I will be listening. They are the ones who know best about their own body. Then, in the third period of the last preliminary game, we will close our eyes hoping that there are no injuries.”

The Bruins were the only club in the NHL that have reached the plateau of 100 points as of the date of 12 march.

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