The heart cry of the Tennis Quebec

Le cri du cœur de Tennis Québec

The pandemic is bad for sports federations. The edge of the abyss with a financial loss estimated at $ 600,000 for the year, Tennis Quebec enlists the help of the followers of the little yellow ball fluorescent to confront the crisis, by the time it will take and to ” put in place a recovery plan for a safe practice across the province “.

The heart cry of the non-profit organization that manages the practice of tennis in Quebec has borne fruit since last week, as $ 5,000 has been raised in donations. The goal is to collect 10 000 $.

“We had a good response from our community. We are very happy because we need help, ” launches without a visit the director-general of the federation, Jean-François Manibal, in a telephone interview.

The cancellation of the tournament of the Rogers Cup in Montreal has created a hole of $ 300,000 in the annual budget of approximately $ 2.2 million. The losses caused by Tennis Canada and have had instant effects in Tennis Quebec.

It is also necessary to add to the equation all of the tournaments in danger, the number of members and clubs affiliated to it, which is a risk of falling significantly, and the training courses cancelled.

“Under an agreement, Tennis Canada was us $ 355 000 $ for our financial year which runs from 1 April to
31 march 2021, but in the end, as their situation has become painful financially, this will be the amount of 55 000 $. Then, with the judgment in our clubs, events cancelled, sales of products which are stopped, and the withdrawal of several sponsors, this is another considerable amount that was disappearing, ” explained Mr. Manibal.

Tennis Canada announced Friday that all of its national tournaments planned until 31 August, of which several were scheduled to take place on quebec soil, were cancelled.

Staff decreased

Tennis Quebec has not had other choice than to reduce staff to limit the damage. Of the 11 permanent employees before the start of the crisis, they will not be more than six in a few weeks and five at the start of September. The remaining employees have accepted a reduction in salary of 25 %.

“These cuts will have consequences on our activities. We are in the process of looking at how we will maintain our essential services, such as tournaments for our members who are the closest to our organization. We will see what will be cut off at the time and it will depend on when the activities are to be taken. “

Like all federations, which have temporarily stopped their activities, with Tennis Québec eagerly awaits the green light from health authorities in order that the followers can start to go short.

Jean-François Manibal believes that tennis will be part of the first wave of sports that will be allowed to resume with very strict measures. The doubles will be banned, and every player will have to serve with its own bullets, in particular.

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