The highest tower of the Lighthouse will finally have the 47 floors

La plus haute tour du Phare aura finalement 47 étages

The complex of The Lighthouse, at the head of the bridge, will be significantly less imposing than expected with its highest tower, which will rise to 47 floors instead of 65, according to the most recent version of the draft obtained by The Newspaper.

The architecture of the project of the Group Dallaire, who is now associated with COGIR real Estate in this adventure, is not yet defined.

It will have to wait still before you can get an idea about the outward appearance of the four towers. The rough sketch that we present to you, however, has the merit of establishing the new massing of the buildings.

At the beginning of the month of may, The Newspaper had put its hands on documents showing that a tower of 45 floors. However, the project, which is the subject of ongoing discussion between the City of Québec and the promoter, has evolved even further, a-t-we could see that the reading of the working documents on which we put the hand.

The set always consists of four towers of which the template has also been revised. In addition to the tallest tower, which rises to 47 floors (180 meters), the plans also show a 40-story tower (instead of 51 floors) and two towers of 31 floors (instead of 31 and 18 storey).

The total area of the floor will therefore be reduced considerably. It has been reduced to 180 127 square meters, a decrease of 36 % of the available space.

As we revealed in may, the office spaces and those reserved for businesses have been revised downwards by approximately 60 %. Exit the seniors ‘ residence (RPA) that was to receive a total of 394 persons.

A lot more houses and condos

On the other hand, the residential and hotel complex takes up in the ranks.

The number of housing units is soaring, from 701 units to 994 and condos on the upper floors will also be more numerous (433 instead of 394). The hotel itself has 50 rooms additional (for a total of 206).

Originally, the Group Dallaire had the ambition to peak the tallest tower with 65 floors, which would have allowed him to hold the record for the skyscraper, the highest east of Toronto. With 47 floors, this feat will not be achieved. The City of Montreal already has three buildings of 50 floors and more. The promoters would like to now start the construction at the end of the year 2021 if all goes well.

Regulatory changes

The elected officials of the City of Québec will gather for an extraordinary session Wednesday morning to adopt, moreover, of the resolutions relating to regulatory changes affecting The Lighthouse.

One of the regulations aims to eliminate the need to build a hub in intermodal and a station bus. This requirement no longer holds since the City has confirmed that the hub of the tram will eventually be built further to the east, near the road to the Church.

A public consultation will also be held, possibly, to endorse changes to planning rules in this area of the borough of Sainte-Foy.

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