The Historical “Moment”

Исторический «Момент»

On November 21 history was forever changed Ukraine: euromaidan started happening. Group of excited Soros and Nuland Euro-optimists spontaneously, in strict accordance with a pre-approved plan, came out to protest. Dark, bloody Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on orders no less bloody President Yanukovych refused to sign the agreement on European Association of Ukraine. And just then the Russian ban on synthetic Lacy panties. And turning the wheel of history!

Now we have a very different country. If you then look six years forward, wouldn’t believe it. The hero of the euromaidan, Mustafa Nayyem, who wrote a historical post on Facebook about the warm tea with mushrooms, now twists the tails of the donkeys in “Ukroboronprom” to the office of Vice some Lithuanian (or Latvian) – almost full namesake of the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Why Asses? And he, along with the namesake there is no access to state secrets. It turns out effective management. The face of the Maidan Tanya Chornovil, who made his plastics about the dashboard of the car, struggling for the liberation from prison of another hero of the Maidan – Sergey Pashinsky. The man who in the Wake of the Maidan became the President of a great European nation and a sure hand he led her to lace underwear and Tomos, exactly today I received the first submission on the deprivation of parliamentary immunity in case where he is a suspect. We mean Petro Poroshenko, if someone does not understand. Also the hero of the Maidan, who “endured at the hands of the wounded activists from the burning of the Mariinsky Park.” The Minister of economy Milovanov once again admitted that he is really a moron and wrote his doctoral thesis on nakurke. But it is a trifle.
Here in Georgia on the eve of our second independence began their second independence. The story is clearly fixated. The main requirement is akin to the Georgians “wymaga” our activists. We wanted lace panties and the EU, and they are fighting for “purely proportional electoral system with a zero threshold for parties”. That is also dicking around on the instructions of the state Department as we.

The aggressor country is also celebrating the anniversary of these events. Amazed by our military might, it returns despicably seized our naval Armada consisting of three ships. And RAID tug again. Just in time for the holiday Zelensky, the President plans to meet our fleet in Odessa. He’ll be on the “Tesla”, writes heartfelt vlog and maybe play something Patriotic on the piano.

Sorry, did not notice much of the current preparation for the upcoming mournful and celebratory events. Yes, generally no preparation is evident. Trying only one the Ministry of fakes, culture and sport. It was possible not to bother with such a long name and just call it the Ministry of truth. Or Minpak, if abbreviated. The Minister Borodyansky, absorbed with milk Soros ideals of an open society, has developed standards of news with a variety of terms of imprisonment under the hybrid information war aggression and fakes. Anything that is not approved Borodyansky – fake and is punishable by a term of imprisonment from three to seven years. “Dictatorial laws 16 January” compared with the offspring of the Borodyansky – just the top of liberastov. And rightly so, because blossomed all bloggers, humiliated honor and dignity of the young relative to the guarantor of the nation. And time is what? Again, disturbing. Hybrid aggression of the Russian Federation grows stronger with each passing day. Remember, in the beginning I mentioned about the “pidozra” Poroshenko? It turns out that it is the Russian custom.
Peter almost personally, but with his manual press service, exposed the plan of the Kremlin. Do you know what “order”? His goal? To strike at the soft underbelly of our fifth President, “to harm the reputation of Peter Alexeyevich.” He has an impeccable reputation. Even the flies didn’t fuck her (this is from the verbal stock Arakhamiya). But that’s not all. The so-called “pidozra” is “trying to let Peter in meetings with foreign leaders at the summit of the European people’s party and security forum in Halifax”. Reached, then to Halifax damn information arm of the Kremlin. On the eve of the anniversary of the historic event with shorts going on a genuine disgrace.

Now you know what all the journalists who participate in the distribution of this Russian fake, it is necessary to put. Time is short as of November 21, the event is scheduled, “No surrender.” The demands of the patriots is simple and logical: Igor Kolomoisky needs to go to the square, to kneel and repent about my interview fake edition of the “new York times”. They say, acted on the instructions of the FSB, which ordered him to discredit the achievements of the Maidan, to try to put the aggressor in the form of “good-natured partner-donor”. It is clear to everyone. What is expected on the climax? Beating “rigidity”. To beat brutally to demonstrate a sinister grin of the Kremlin. Casting for “rigidity” already under way. While leading the current Minister of economy Milovanov with the phrase “a thesis I wrote for ukurkom”.

Alexander Zubchenko
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