The history of the Nordic in your ears

The more interested of the history of the Nordiques have a new bible to be put in the hand, or rather, in the ears.

The Quebec Nordiques, the podcast, is a podcast of history, a work of monk, directed by the journalist and host Pierre Blais, FM 93, about the team that has rocked the capital city from 1972 to 1995.

The latter is supported by the services of the former directors of sports of the Journal and the Sun, Claude Bédard, and Maurice Dumas. Their encyclopedic knowledge of the fleurs-de-lis make the exercise all the more relevant.

“Initially, the goal was to try to offset the extra cost, but seeing the current economic situation due to the crisis of the sars coronavirus, it was time to start the project to make it available to the community. This is my small part in these difficult times “, said Pierre Blais about his initiative initiated in the fall of 2018.

It’s much more than nostalgia

Some people will think, wrongly, that he lines up with just another layer of nostalgia about the Northern. With 33 episodes and twenty hours of audio recording, the three experienced collaborators, however, go much further than the anecdotes of surface.

“There are some who are no longer able to hear of the Nordic and I can understand up to a certain point, but it is a historical project, not nostalgic. In my head, it was this all along “, argues Pierre Blais.

Each season, the birth of the club in the world Association (AMH), until the departure of the team to Colorado in may 1995, is unraveled.

Special episodes dedicated to key events such as the merger of the WHA and the NHL, the defection of the brothers Stastny, the saga of Eric Lindros and the rivalry of the Canadian-Northern furnish also the colossal project.

“I’m really proud of the product and the response of people,” responded Pierre Blais on his podcast available on, as well as on several platforms listen continuously.

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