The hockey player became a doctor

Le hockeyeur devenu médecin

Medicine has always occupied an important place in the life of Marc-Antoine Carrier. Nicknamed the ” Doc ” in the locker room of the Ramparts of Quebec, the former defender finds his daily happiness in the interventions it carries out to change the lives of his patients.

Since he was officially traded to the hockey jersey for the stethoscope in 2013, Carrier is always rush head first towards his ultimate goal. Last fall, he learned he was accepted to the specialization in cardiology from the University of Laval, a new phase of three years, at the end of which he can affirm high and strong that it was successful.

“I’ve always had an interest in sciences and it was confirmed even more at the secondary level in biology. Since I was very little, I said a joke that if it wasn’t hockey, it was going to be the medicine “, introduces the main interested in an interview with The Newspaper in his small consultation office of the university Institute of cardiology and pneumology of Quebec (IUCPQ).

Its casual look with the rolled sleeve of his plaid shirt, his pants blue and his shoes perfectly arranged ; Carrier does not look like the picture that we can get the doctor at the hospital.

Without knowing it, his father Jerome, a choice of fifth round of the Philadelphia Flyers in 1983, has planted a seed in the little Marc-Andre, who saw him work hard as a doctor, sometimes day, sometimes night, to improve the lot of others — when it was possible.

“When I played hockey, we often travelled on the road and it was tight in time. Instead of stopping on the side of the road to take the call, my father was talking on the phone with the nurses and we played on the phone in Arabic. I had to have 10 years and I didn’t understand pantoute what I was talking about, ” recalls Carrier, laughing.

Discipline trainer

Ironically, now 27 years old, the native of Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse knows him as well the jargon of the trade. If he and his father talked plenty of hockey in a different era, medicine is invites now, of course, in conservation when they see it.

“Sometimes to the dismay of my girlfriend and my mother ! That said, my girlfriend is a nurse and has completed her doctoral thesis at the University of Montreal, but this is not his style to talk of medicine around the table. When my father and I are in the same place, there is a little attracted to discuss our case “, he admits.

Marc-Antoine Carrier (who has played in 84 matches with the Walls) says that hockey has taught him the values that serve him well today in the exercise of his profession.

The elite athletes who have taken a different direction at the end of their career often repeat that the sport has been beneficial to them in their new journey. Carrier, who played 84 matches with the Walls during the seasons 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, abounds in the same direction for several reasons.

“The hockey is very instructive […]. The work ethic, the discipline and the fact that they did not always have positive comments on our performance, we are accustomed to living with criticism and it is something that has helped me throughout my journey in medicine.

“Medicine, yes, it is a job where you’re alone with the patient, but there is a team around that. The team who chooses the consultants, it is necessary to be able to communicate together and make a joint work for the good of the patient. Having played hockey brings me a lot there, “says the” Doc.”

Special Moments

If a visit to the doctor sometimes surprises, Carrier has a duty to be as transparent as possible with the people who consult it. Whether it’s a good news, a health problem, or in the worst case scenario, an irreversible situation, he knows that he must demonstrate sensitivity with patients.

“It is rewarding to feel that it has an impact in the lives of the people. This is not only to tell things according to the instructions in the book, but it is also necessary to disseminate knowledge to the people so that they understand. I don’t want them to come out and say that they have not understood anything and that it was chinese to them. There are people that you do not think to be able to help that much, and eventually, they escape and return home. “

But when health care are no longer sufficient, the doctor has another role to play.

“The medicine, this is not always [the fact] to heal people. Sometimes, it is necessary to make them understand that we will not be able to save their lives and see how they react with it. Sometimes, these are paths difficult. We do not encourage in one direction or another, but it accompanies them in their life choices and the best choice for them. “

Like what sport is the champions of life.

Gratitude to the ramparts

Marc-Antoine Carrier will never be enough grateful to the Ramparts, which have led him to the arms, as he believed that his hockey career was over.

Carrier has played in a season at Brown University (NCAA) before you throw in the towel since hockey was too much space in his eyes as he looked forward to a better opening of the program, located in Rhode Island.

“They were not very supportive with my studies and it was time that I take my retirement and that I came to concentrate at school. Then, Patrick [Roy] was heard by the band that I was available and I was offered the opportunity to mix really the two, ” explains the future cardiologist.

Carrier was seen a bit like the alien in the locker room of the training in quebec. As soon as he had free time, at the arena or in the bus, he took the opportunity to immerse yourself in its books.

“I could miss some practice and I left before the end of some practices. And I missed some football games. They made me take the plane to go to Baie-Comeau on Tuesday night because they came back later the next day. Sometimes, I was studying in the room of Steve [Bélanger, the sports therapist] on a Friday afternoon while all the others were taking their nap ! “

An easy choice for Roy

Co-owner at the time, as well as general manager and head coach of the Remparts, Patrick Roy has never regretted his choice to have rolled out the red carpet for bet on Carrier.

“The priority for him was the studies and we wanted him to play two years with us at 19 and 20 years old. We did travel by plane to go to matches. We understood, and education has always been an important aspect for us. We think it is important to have a plan B in life. When we are young, we do not realize the importance of it, and in his case, it was part of the things she had sold, and we respected that, ” he mentioned to the Journal.

“I am very grateful to the junior and the Ramparts, as if it had not been their understanding, I probably would not be able to play in the major junior. Patrick had told me that he was a guy of words and that was it. It is life experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life, ” admitted the former player.

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