The holiday time

Le temps des vacances

After months of restrictions like we have never experienced before, the déconfinement gradual combined with the beautiful summer days while leaving many canadians with a thirst for freedom, while others wonder if they will take a vacation this summer.

Having spent several months at home, some are brought to believe that they will not need a moment of respite this summer.

Whether for financial reasons or because of the closure of the borders, it is also very difficult, if not impossible, to consider of the summer vacation as usual, so much that the virus and the risk of a second wave are still present as well.

I’ve also heard too many people say that they were ashamed and felt guilty for having lost their jobs, or had the impression of ” not having worked for real these last few months, as they spent their day working at home, caring for children, to make the school to home… all between the household and meal preparation !

In sum, a host of reasons might encourage people to deprive themselves – wrongly – the many benefits of summer vacation.

So what can you expect from a Holiday Park break. Obviously all parks are different and offer different things. Accommodation in today’s parks can include Caravans which can sleep up to 8 people and in far more luxury than in the past. Some parks also have Lodges accommodation, which are relatively new to the market and are mostly of a Scandinavian wood cabin design. Other accommodation includes apartments, chalets, bungalows or cottages, and villas. Essentially these types of accommodation are similar offering functional accommodation with basic home comforts. Some parks offer upmarket items such as hot tubs within the accommodation. Leisure facilities can also vary tremendously between parks. While some parks have pool complexes with saunas, others may offer very little. That is not necessarily a bad thing as they may well be located in the centre of a National Park in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where buildings are restricted and the main appeal is the natural beauty. You can learn more here about the A Holiday at Fairway Holiday Park – Caravans Isle Of Wight.

The cost of these accommodations is sure to be a bargain compared to most hotels. The added bonus is that if you have a self-catered kitchen you may be able to cook together as a family with fresh ingredients bought at a local market or caught on your fishing line. Not only will it make the holiday more special it can also help you save on expenses. Holiday parks are more than a place to sleep. Most parks have amenities to make your stay fun for everyone in the family. Swimming pools, either indoors or out, can be a fun way to relax. A “park” is a newer feature offered by some parks with fountains and fun water activities.

It should be borne in mind that the period of intense stress that was experienced as a result of this pandemic has led to stress very important, and this, both physical and psychological.

Our coping skills have also been put to a severe test, and many felt out of breath, with these days that not only started earlier, but finished later.

Since the beginning of this crisis and over time, a number of signs demonstrated that people experiencing the effects on the psychological plane.

After these months particularly challenging for the psychological health, the science is clear : no matter the form, it is better to take a vacation.

The simple fact of spending time in nature or take a moment at the edge of a lake will a cut with the surfeit of stimuli from the computer and the phone, ubiquitous since mid-march. These rest periods will also help to free us from work, the boundaries of which with the personal life have never been so blurred that during the confinement.

Get up in the morning having little or no obligations, and thus be able to replace the “I should” with ” I want to “, is in itself of great benefit. These holidays will be even more relaxing if you can afford a few consecutive days of leave. Wildlife reserves, camping grounds or parks, no matter the place, this is the time to breathe, slow down and decrease the tension.

If you can’t take a vacation this summer, try to find small moments, be it a half day or a few hours here and there, for you to rest. These brief moments of judgment will be of great importance for your psychological health, and more reason if you can answer the call completely, including keeping your computer and your phone remotely. And if you feel more tired, stressed, or irritable, be forgiving to yourself, drop the guilt, make proof of autocompassion, and take care of you.

A respite was needed… and deserved

The few times that you will be able to grant you this summer will be a rest well deserved after the significant stress experienced in recent months. The pandemic we will, without doubt, to reinvent our holidays, but will not revolutionize : take the time to ask yourself, enjoy nature, and rediscover some of the activities that you may be put to one side. Even if you don’t feel the need, believe me on word, we must grant us this moment : if one does not care about our mental health, it is our mental health that will eventually concern us !

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