The home of Matzneff searched

Le domicile de Matzneff perquisitionné

The parisian home of Gabriel Matzneff was raided Thursday by police in the course of the investigation for rape on a minor under the age of 15 years who seeks the writer, 83-year-old, a-t-on learned from justice source.

Investigators are looking for passages in the writings of Gabriel Matzneff not included in his published works, in order to identify potential victims, in the aftermath of a police search at the publisher Gallimard.

In an interview with the ex-site Redaction, in 2008, the writer claimed to have “censored itself” of the “passages” of his writings that might be “deemed especially outrageous” and have “put a safe in a bank vault”.

According to the news site Mediapart, the safety deposit box was “localized” by the investigators.

The attraction claimed Gabriel Matzneff for the “under 16” and for the sex tourism with young boys in Asia, it has been told in books, has long been tolerated in the literary world of paris.

The investigation was opened on 3 January, following the publication of the autobiographical novel “The consent” of Vanessa Springora. She denounces his relationship in direction with the writer when she was a child, in the 80’s.

According to a source close to the dossier, investigators also have an interest to Christian Giudicelli, his publisher of Gallimard and travel companion in the Philippines.

In the context of this investigation, a call for witnesses has been issued on Tuesday. The prosecutor of Paris, Rémi Heitz explained that it was to avoid that there may be “forgotten victims”.

Gabriel Matzneff, who was a refugee in Italy since the beginning of the case, said the end of January “to regret” its practices pedophile past in Asia, while claiming that”at the time”, “nobody ever spoke of crime”.

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