The Hong Kong authorities withdrew the bill on extradition, China

Власти Гонконга отозвали законопроект о выдаче преступников КНР

Parliament of Hong Kong was removed from the agenda bill that triggered mass protests. Beijing does not rule out the displacement from the post of head of administration of Hong Kong, writes the newspaper the Financial Times.The Hong Kong government withdrew from Parliament a bill for the extradition of alleged offenders to the Chinese authorities. At the meeting on Wednesday, October 23, Minister of Hong Kong for security John Lee withdrew the consideration of the document from the agenda, reports the news Agency dpa.

Three and a half months ago, the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam promised that the bill will not be accepted. In early September, it announced its withdrawal, which was now, after the summer recess of Parliament. The bill was proposed to allow the results not only to Taiwan but also to China of Hong Kong residents, which the law enforcement agencies of China suspected of committing crimes.

The Financial Times learned about the possible dismissal of Carrie Lam

Meanwhile, the British newspaper The Financial Times reports that the Chinese leadership does not preclude offset of Lam out of office. If the President of China and General Secretary of the Communist party of China XI Jinping will take such a decision, the new head of administration of Hong Kong may be appointed up to March 2020 and remain at this post until the end of the mandate in 2022, the newspaper writes.The bill for the extradition of alleged offenders to the authorities of China has caused in Hong Kong mass protests in the spring. Many residents of this special administrative region that is a part of China since 1997, don’t you think Chinese justice independent. Later, the protesters began to demand democratic reform, the introduction of universal suffrage and the resignation of Lam. In addition, the demonstrators called for an independent inquiry into cases of police violence at previous events.

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