The horse was evicted from the house of a farmer and became a star network

Лошадь выселила фермера из дома и стала звездой сети

Almost all of us have Pets that live with us and pleased with her affection and love, but imagine if you suddenly got a horse.

A resident of New Zealand has recently been extremely surprised, when his guests complained of the horse, according to Animal Forum.

Лошадь выселила фермера из дома и стала звездой сети

Animal felt like home, it was evident that she is absolutely fine. It turns out that a horse named shark slipped out of the house its owner to check out the area. It was then that she entered the house of a stranger, Doug Reno, who immediately published a post in Facebook: “Anyone in the area of Highcliffe lost a horse? A visitor came to the house, ate half my lunch, and carrots for my wife. We’ll keep her as a pet if no one is looking”.

The owner of the shark, Ben Telfer-Hynes, responded to the post and was very excited that his favorite was, but absolutely not surprised by her behavior, for shark quite normal to wander in the house of a man, because she’s used to this. The horse returned to the owner, but nobody really knows what other adventures have fallen to its lot while she was wandering all alone. Even it is great that New Zealand welcome such intruders.

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Лошадь выселила фермера из дома и стала звездой сети

Source: News Yu

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