The hostage canadian and his family have left Pakistan

Photo: Taliban Media via Associated Press
Caitlan Coleman and her husband Joshua Boyle with their 2 children in 2016

The Canadian, his american wife and their three children who have spent several years in the hands of a group linked to the taliban have left Pakistan, have informed on Friday of the leaders of the country.


Two officials in the pakistani security have indicated that Joshua Boyle, Caitlan Coleman and their children left by plane from Islamabad, but they said nothing of their destination.


The BBC reports, however, on Friday morning, the family flew to London.


The couple had been kidnapped five years ago, during a trip in Afghanistan, and had three children during her captivity. Ms. Coleman was pregnant at the time of their removal. The couple and their children were being held by the Haqqani network.


The parents of Mr. Boyle, who reside in the city of ontario Smiths Falls, reported Thursday evening that their son and his family intend to come to Canada. Patrick Boyle has said that the family is safe, ” but exhausted “.


The parents of Mrs. Coleman were posted a statement on the door of their home in Pennsylvania, writing that they appreciated ” the interest and the concerns expressed after the happy news that Caity, Josh and our grandchildren have been freed after five long years of captivity “.


According to the highest representative of Pakistan in Canada, Tariq Azim Khan, the pakistani army has taken knowledge of the whereabouts of family members using information from the american secret services, and has acted quickly thereafter.

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“Dramatic scene”

The high commissioner described a dramatic scene, with exchanges of fire, while the family was transported in the trunk of a van by his kidnappers. The confrontation between the military command and the kidnappers would have taken place on a road near Nawa Kili, in the area of Kohat, north-west of Pakistan.


Mr. Boyle would have been injured by shards of metal. He described to his parents in a shooting rampage that claimed the lives of several of their captors, and the last words spoken by one of them : “Kill the hostage “.


The United States had planned to repatriate the family from Pakistan in an american plane, but at the last minute, Joshua Boyle was denied boarding because the plane was traveling at Bagram air base, told the Associated Press a leader of the american national security under the cover of anonymity.


Another american official said that Mr. Boyle was nervous at the idea of being put in “detention” considering its history.


The man was previously married to the sister of Omar Khadr, this canadian citizen who has been imprisoned for 10 years at a camp in the u.s. military in Guantánamo bay after being captured in 2002 during an exchange of fire near a camp of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.


Officials have ruled out any link between the past and the capture of Mr. Boyle. A manager described this as a ” horrible coincidence “.