The hotel industry, “to the intensive care unit of the economy,” request $ 550 million

L’hôtellerie, «aux soins intensifs de l’économie», demande 550 millions $

The hospitality industry feels abandoned by the government and feared more closures of institutions over the next few months, so any financial boost is quickly offered. The tourism sector calls for $ 550 million to help its businesses.

On Tuesday, the Association hôtellerie Québec (AHQ), which represents approximately 500 hotels across the province, sent a letter to the government Legault for him to share his concerns. The hoteliers have already suffered a loss of more than 90 % of their revenues compared to last year.

It must be said that the hotel sector has been one of the first affected by the pandemic, with the closure of the borders. Given the uncertainty surrounding the tourist season, the financial losses of the institutions could still continue for several months. The AHQ is estimated that the resumption of activities, as before the COVID-19, could take more than two years.

Economic impact of$2 billion

In the letter sent to the government, which The Newspaper has obtained a copy, the AHQ reminds that the industry generates as much employment as the Desjardins group, three times more than the Bombardier, and ten times more than the Cirque du Soleil. The association states that its business sector is also currently in the icu of the economy.”

“The hoteliers and owners of tourist accommodation establishments support more than 42,000 jobs and generate economic spinoffs of nearly $ 2 billion, including more than $ 330 million are tax revenue for the State “, argues the president of the AHQ, Dany Thibault.

“It appears to us so incomprehensible that we are the last to deserve your attention, so that we remained essential services,” says the one who plans a tourist season hard this summer. It is estimated that the hotels are going to roll with an occupancy rate of approximately 15% to 20%.

Of the $ 550 million claimed by the tourist industry, the AHQ is estimated that approximately $ 370 million will be used to support the hoteliers, some of whom do not even know yet ” if they will reopen in 2020 “, said Mr. Thibault. The money would, inter alia, to support their fixed costs, such as taxes, insurance and electricity.

Many have been forced to cancel part of their banquet for the summer, including weddings. Business tourism is also on pause.

“Entrepreneurs hoteliers and owners of tourist accommodation establishments are out of breath and the pressure on their liquidity is immense,” says Mr. Thibault, considering that several regions could suffer from the closure of hotels.

At this time, approximately 63 % of hoteliers in Quebec who have taken the decision to suspend their activities. About 28 000 workers in this industry are currently unemployed.

Quebec has nearly 1,400 hotels.

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