The household does begin with the Alouettes

Le ménage ne fait que commencer chez les Alouettes

After several positive announcements with the return of several players to the attack, the Alouettes come to bring everyone back on earth.

They have announced that their cheerleading squad would not be back in 2020, while releasing a few players loved by the public. The news makes a noise. Financial reasons were mentioned by the organization at every opportunity.

It reminded me of the speech by Mario Cecchini upon his appointment as president. It is to say “arrange yourself for it to work” by the new owners. This sentence was full of meaning. It must have significant results, and this, in its first year in office. The financial problems of the Larks are well-known. During his 21 years as owner, Bob Wetenhall has offset the deficits amounting to millions. This is one of the reasons why the team is not the owner of its training centre and its stage.

He sold his franchise to the CFL and the transaction has possibly permit off some debts. No more.

Is it that the financial problems of the Larks disappeared by enchantment with new owners ? The answer is no. Gary Stern and Sid Spiegel, have put their hands on the club with the words ” as seen “. A franchise that has struggled to balance its budget last season.

We do not know the amount of the transaction between the duo of ontario and the CFL. You can bet that commissioner Randy Ambrosie was not too greedy, then, that the finances of the Alouettes were at their lowest.

The challenges of a turnaround

By opening the accounting books, Cecchini has surely been entitled to a few surprises. He has already scrutinized every line of the budget to the magnifying glass to take action fast. His first act was to drop the cheerleaders to save more than $ 100,000. An unpopular decision that he was ready to take on to begin a household of the finances of the team.

This financial turnaround will not happen smoothly. We had the evidence last week. The employees of the Alouettes will be nervous in the coming weeks, and we can understand them. If you cut off the cheerleaders, what is the result ? Like all owners of professional teams, Gary Stern wants of profitability in its numbers and success on the ground. It is for this reason that it has hired Cecchini and Danny Maciocia in strategic positions.

Until tomorrow afternoon, Martin Bédard is a member of the Alouettes. The specialist long rebates has been catapulted forward in the last few weeks.

This veteran of 11 seasons with the Alouettes did not deserve such treatment. You can’t get rid of an ambassador like him in this way. Business is business, but a simple phone call was the least of things.

According to my information, the Alouettes are going to the meet this week. Is it that it is only to give him the respect or to offer him a new contract ? A folder to follow.

Bronfman is in control

Stephen Bronfman

Shared custody of Rays between Tampa and Montreal is back in the news. Commissioner Rob Manfred believes in it 100 %, but you need to know to read between the lines. It puts all the pressure on the authorities of saint. Petersburg, who find themselves in a delicate situation. During this time, Stephen Bronfman said the right things at the right time. This is what is being asked for and this is what he does. Don’t be surprised if he hits a circuit in a few weeks. The shared custody ? I’ll believe it only when it will be official. Not before.

Kovalchuk leads his ” charm

Ilya Kovalchuk

The file of Ilya Kovalchuk reminds me of Alex Kovalev. The supporters had fallen in love with the talent and charisma of Kovalev. They have had their hearts broken when he left Montreal. We could witness the same scenario with Kovalchuk. Why Marc Bergevin would trade it Kovalchuk to a simple selection of the draft ? His team is not yet ruled out of the series. The Russian contributes to the success of the team and his smile became contagious in the locker room.

Felix hasn’t forgotten his roots

Félix Auger-Aliassime

Félix Auger-Aliassime has always shown a lot of maturity on and off the tennis courts. It has mostly not forgotten the roots of his father in Togo. He will give $ 5 for every point earned during the season 2020 to an organization that fights against poverty in the third world. A beautiful initiative on the part of the 19 year old athlete. I’d like to see more young guys doing these things. It’s beautiful glory, but engage in causes has never hurt anyone. He must know how to give back to the community.

The Canadian entered through the front door

Christine Sinclair

The team canada women’s soccer got its ticket for the olympic games in Tokyo. Eighth in the world, they attempt to win a third olympic medal in a row. Christine Sinclair will still be the locomotive of his training. It would be a beautiful story that she can put the hand on the gold. The women’s soccer is Canada’s health. My hat also comes off to the women’s team of basketball that has mimicked her sisters. The guys have the pressure…




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