The hydrocarbon fuel can impose a tax on CO2 emissions

Углеводородное топливо могут обложить налогом на выбросы СО2

The Department of energy and environmental protection intends to impose a tax on CO2 emissions of all hydrocarbon fuels.

This was stated by Minister of energy and environmental protection Alexey Oriel during the presentation of the plans of the Ministry, transmit Ukrainian news.

“Already drafted a package of bills that provide for the reform of the tax on CO2 emissions. All fuel that has a CO2 component, will be subject to appropriate taxes and at the entrance to any company, where it gets fuel, it will be subject to tax,” he said.

However, he noted that these funds can be used in the same enterprises who pay this tax in order to provide energy efficiency measures at its plants and to reduce CO2 emissions, for reduced tax on CO2 emissions.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said that the official data about abnormal air pollution in Ukraine are absent. 20 Oct social networks and the media began to spread information about the fact that in Ukraine, as at the time of publications, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is the highest in the world.

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