The hypothesis of trips reserved for vaccinated people makes the opposition jump

    The hypothesis of trips reserved for vaccinated people makes the opposition jump

    It is an article which angered part of the opposition. Tuesday, the day after the presentation in the Council of Ministers by Prime Minister Jean Castex of the bill establishing a lasting health emergency management regime, the right and the national rally are stepping up, fearing that the text will put in place a restriction freedom of movement conditional in certain cases on vaccination against the coronavirus.

    In its article 3131-9, in the 6th paragraph, the draft provides that “the Prime Minister may, if necessary (…) make the movement of persons, their access to means of transport or to certain places, as well as the carrying out certain activities when presenting the results of a screening test establishing that the person is not affected or contaminated, following a preventive treatment, including the administration of a vaccine, or a cure”.

    A measure of “totalitarian essence”, according to Marine Le Pen

    In a press release, Marine Le Pen thus denounces a measure “essentially totalitarian”. “In a sneaky way, this text does not envisage making vaccination compulsory, but preventing any social life from people who are not,” writes the president of the National Rally. “What is Emmanuel Macron hiding?”, For his part questioned LR Guillaume Peltier.

    For the boss of Debout la France Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, “it is a total and scandalous questioning of vaccine freedom”.

    “Vaccination is not compulsory”, recalls Olivier Véran

    Traveling Tuesday morning, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran responded to the controversy. “There is an article which says that the freedoms of movement, in certain situations, could be correlated with the fact of being oneself protected against a disease, or because one is immunized naturally, because one has been vaccinated , or because we are taking treatment, ”he said. And to add: “It is a very broad scenario. I repeat, the vaccination against the Covid-19 is not obligatory, it was a commitment of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.”

    In the entourage of the Prime Minister, it is assured that the objective is to prepare the end of the state of health emergency and to provide a legal arsenal to protect the country against any other pandemic of this type. And the text “will be amended, worked on, improved during the parliamentary debate”, we are told. A debate that promises to be tense.

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