The idea of “sprechender” Monakhova: “homogeneous monolith of Ukrainians”, LGBT and “razmeshchenie”

Идеи «шпрехенфюрер» Монаховой: «гомогенный монолит украинства», ЛГБТ и «размосковление»

Идеи «шпрехенфюрер» Монаховой: «гомогенный монолит украинства», ЛГБТ и «размосковление»

Transformation of power in the space between Poroshenko and Zelensky, can be compared with a matryoshka doll with the face of Poroshenko covered doll with the face Zelensky. Blood on the black soil crushed Mat of plastic green grass. The reception is clear: which is easier to digest captured the Ukraine, continuing the work of Poroshenko thinner and more qualitative level.

It is therefore quite clear why the selection of the Commissioner for the protection of the state language, the owners settled on the candidature of doctor of Philology Tatyana Monakhova.

Side glance – pretty woman (“never fahrion”) with the Russian name, and besides from a nice city of shipbuilders of the black sea. It can’t be rabid rusofobkoy, hate the language of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Bunin?! Yeah. Alas! 28 years of being in the magnetic fields of the West, deliberately inciting hatred of everything Russian, account is not reset.

Monakhova – known victim of the process. We to this nice lady now look. But first, find out why and who needs it – the position of Commissioner for the protection of the state language? The answer is clear. Need not people, necessary for others. Parubiy-Rada, adopted in 2019 under its final whistle unconstitutional the law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language”, provided such a position. The infamous “language law”, which was intended to revise Zelensky (lied!), valid, and in agreement with him on 6 November 2019 were established by the national standards Commission of the state language. It is the Central body of Executive power with special status. The activities of the “language Board” directs and coordinates the Cabinet through the Minister of education and science. Among the objectives of this bureaucratic blocks – development and approval of standards of the state language; test of language proficiency for acquisition of the citizenship of Ukraine or in certain positions. In addition, the protection and promotion of the language!

That’s behind all this, and will oversee Tatiana Monakhova and the staff of her office. She is now possible to submit complaints about the violation of the language law. If, for example, the conductor will ask you to pay for the travel not move or the dentist will say “open your mouth wider”, or, even worse, the official will report the “language of the occupier” that he dreams about the reduction of tariffs – need to complain Monakhova. You can anonymously. And she will understand and will punish the ruble, that is, the torque!

Language overseer Tatiana Monakhova was born in the year when Misha went to his amazing flight. In 2002 she was given a diploma by the Nikolaev pedagogical University on a speciality “teacher of Ukrainian language and literature and English language and foreign literature”. It should be noted, very correctly, she realized. In 2015, he defended his doctoral, he reveals himself to the fruit of the revolution of dignity. Of course, it processed and Western grants. In the same year 2015 in the black sea national University Monahova published a scientific monograph “Populism, modernism and postmodernism in linguistics”, which encompasses all the linguistic discoveries of the author.

Journalists have been pulled into the light of revelation Monakhova on the need for violent Ukrainization: “Always had a dream to nurture, to build or to construct a powerful homogeneous monolith of Ukrainians – a society of like-minded people who speak the state language, not having differences on key state issues. The monolith and create carrots and sticks”.

Note, the monolith is obviously something dead that can only revive the genius of the sculptor, removing the chisel superfluous. The monolith kills a living. Have Monakhova about the monolith is not a reservation. Carrion attacks the Ukraine. Monakhova ready to artificially create of Ukrainian society, dead block, dead plate. Her speech and concern her – about a violent Ukrainization, the process is artificial, so it is necessary to owners of Ukraine, which has views of the area. In the text, to which reference is made above, there is a spicy component. And it is that Monakhova, while advocating a “homogeneous monolith of Ukrainians”, while advocating tolerance for LGBT community. Here she is “homogeneous monolith” is not needed! As she writes about their everyday concerns: “In December 2018… of 1207 respondents throughout Ukraine (not covered in the Crimea and the Donbass) 37% are willing to accept a gay tourist… And only 1% of respondents are ready to accept the appearance in the family of a representative of the LGBT community.” This lady Monakhova seems terrible. She literally has to live with it could not: “In December 2013, LGBT organizations and friendly to them community issued a statement about the “Maidan revolution” and the role of the LGBT community in it. In this appeal it was noted that LGBT people are at Euromaidan, to “fight for a better life for themselves and their families according to high European standards”. In the same mind responsible for the protection of the language get along “with high European standards” in relation to the LGBT community and “homogeneous monolith of Ukrainians”, not assuming any language and dissent at all.

Monakhova offers to take up the whip: “the Process of social regulation of the complex and vulnerable public order and must occur from the top down from intellectual elites to the everyday practices of ordinary people.” Intellectual elites, forgot to add, brought up on Western grants. This applies to Ukrainization, and to the imposition of “values” of the gay community. For her this one theme. Hatred (intolerant attitude) to the Russian language and love (tolerance) for the LGBT community in her team. And both hate and love the “Everyman” needs at the behest of some “intellectual elite”.

Say about its monographs. Caught my eye: the author is speaking about the signs of post-modernism – the merging of tragedy and farce, physicality, irony, carnival, word game, never mentioned the name of M. M. Bakhtin. It’s like talking about classical geometry and not remember of Euclid. But Monakhova uses the concept of “post-colonial complex” dozens of times. “The subject of discourse, marked by the postcolonial complex, quite extensive: analysis of the harmful effects of the actual Russian-Ukrainian bilingualism, surzhik as a language disease, history of Ukrainian linguocide, lexicosemantic studios return to the forgotten or forbidden vocabulary,” she writes.

What found harmful effects “of Russian-Ukrainian bilingualism” and for whom they are harmful – history is silent. Probably harmful for those who throat was space power Ukraine within the Russian world. Therefore, it seems deliberate lie, the term “postcolonial”. He inserted the rogues from science.

Here Monakhova said about the book of an Elder “Vampire Taras Shevchenko”, which “angered Ukrainian readers”: “the national Union of writers of Ukraine appealed to the Prosecutor’s office of Podil district of Kyiv with a request to initiate… Prosecutors acknowledged that the journalist had ignited hostility to the Ukrainian nation… O. Elder sued for the “Ghoul” with the society “Prosvita”. This socio-legal reaction to the text evidence of the populist morality and chastity Ukrainian society.” Scientific monograph signed print 14.05.2015, shortly after the murder Olesya, that is significant.

However, Monakhova good “postmodernists” type Andrukhovych and Poderevyansky. However, the author notes, they “are breaking language taboos, reveal the theme of physicality, drug use slang,” also “obvious the fact remains that writers-postmodernists have a readership much less than the classical writers,” but if in the school curriculum to include –the readership will grow. But without spaces in the school copies of their printed products, probably, have already caught up to the circulation of an Elder – after his books were banned and burned.

With the obvious vindictiveness Monakhova picks up the insults to Michelle, drawing them svidomo and posing for “words”. Reports: “So, in the dictionary of “Words of independent Ukraine,” recorded the following lexemes: busineaa… busine…” does Monakhov to say such insults as “standards” becoming the language obmudswoman? It is not excluded. Noted and favourably commented on by the doctor “finds” aimed at inciting ethnic hatred: “Localizator – a person who makes other Muscovites or enforces orders, etc. Muscovites”. So the word “Moskal” now, it is not excluded, will be implemented as the norm.

Interestingly, the word “hohlushka” the linguistics gives a clearly negative sense, what is actually in the Russian language there, hence in the monograph and “samokhodnaya”. This is about when “the Ukrainian said about himself: “I am a Ukrainian”. There is voluntary self-Oh, Oh-ionizatsiya. Oh, what a shame!” – interprets and cites presented a “shy” writer.

But the word “razmusolivat” (ritmosonlatino) – good: “Defrost the soul!” Here again is appropriate about the “Loglandia” of her monograph to remember. And about the “Nolandia” (from NATO).

But what about the phenomenon of fixed Monakhova as “raziskovalni” (“Russophilia”)? Reason: “the Brutal policy of the Moscow led to the fact that millions of Ukrainians were not only Russian, but also Russophile”, – quotes Monakhova his Lviv counterpart. What can we do.?? It is clear that. If you can ban the Russian language and names to ban. What Monahovo and congratulations. The word “monk” in Ukrainian dictionary. So, you will have Monakhova “to razmusolivat” and change the name to Cernech.

We thought that viatrovych and his Ukrainian Institute of national memory, rewriting history, is the bottom. But the bottom knocked again: now is presented with ideas “to razmusolivat”, to change the names, not to call themselves Ukrainians and khokhlushka, to get rid of invented language Ombudsman of the harmful effects of bilingualism (it is drawn to the opening because of world science says exactly the opposite) and to build “homogeneous monolith of Ukrainians.” It remains a pity Ukrainian inhabitants, over which the “intellectual elite” continue to conduct monstrous experiments.

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