The idol of a million: named top 10 richest Russian stars

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Artem Kukovsky


The idols of millions make millions of dollars – it is clear from the Forbes list, which annually calculates the fees of the celebrities. Some of them change from time to time with colleagues in places: someone concerts became less and someone started to speak at corporate events. But, as a rule, the richest are the stars who start a business: opening restaurants, dry cleaners or create a collection.

For Example, Sergey Shnurov. In addition to performances with his group for some time, the musician made money selling the brand name clothing. And he owns a bar in St. Petersburg. Today Cord, according to Forbes, is the richest artist in Russia – in 2018, he earned nearly $ 14 million.

On the second place of the richest Russian celebrities Philip. Fees of the king of pop last year amounted to almost $ 9 million. It’s half a million more than in 2017. On the income and popularity of the artist, apparently, affected his new and extremely ambitious compositions – “Ibiza” and “mood Color blue.” Thanks to them, Philip Bedrosovich has attracted and younger audience.

Next in the ranking are singers – Grigory Leps, Dima Bilan and Stas Mikhailov. The income of Leps was a little more than $ 8 million, Bilan – 7.7 million dollars, Mikhailova – 7.4 million dollars. Lower ranking group “Bi-2”. Shura and Lyova have earned on their concerts 6.7 million dollars. On 200 thousand less got Nikolai Baskov. He lost to Valery Meladze – income artist last year was slightly less than $ 6 million.

4.7 million dollars were collected the soloist of group “Hands upwards” Sergey Zhukov. He closes the top ten most successful artists. Interestingly, in this list of stars of show business appeared to be and Opera singer Anna Netrebko. Her fee, by the way, almost like Meladze – 5.8 million dollars. It turns out that Opera can bring a lot of money.