The illegal activities of Radio Liberty and Detector Media

Незаконная деятельность Радио Свобода и Детектор-Медиа

Chief editor Ukrayinsky portal Detector “media” Natal HachovaGroup of marginal bins, including Radio Liberty and the Detector Media expressed today in relation to me a strong protest, appealed to the authorities and asked to draw for the publication of the data their driver caught me on surveillance.Tell you good news, the odious media – from the 30th of October I am leading channel 112 and have written an editorial assignment to inform the public about illegal activities of persons involved in illegal investigative activities. That is, to inform about you and your illegal activities.As part of their journalistic activities publish information from the second vehicle Radio Liberty, engaged in illegal surveillance:Car state number AI 4575 HP “Kia Cerato”, black, 2009, V., 03.11.2018 registered in the name of the owner of Mazur Boris Ivanovich 16.11.1966 G. R, INN 2442607898, registered at the address: Brovary, St. Olympic 2-A, room 246.And again. Will interfere with my journalistic activities, and initiate involvement under article 171 of the criminal code “Impeding the legitimate professional activities” and 182 of the criminal code “Illegal acquisition, storage, use and dissemination of confidential information about the person”. Article copied from your statement.Not got there a little this time. The President Of Radio Liberty George. Flay asked the Ukrainian law enforcers, urging them to react to the publication Portnov personal data of the journalists, said the odious media.

Незаконная деятельность Радио Свобода и Детектор-Медиа

The President Of “Radio Liberty” Thomas Kent

Dear President of the controversial Radio if You do not understand the conflict, superficially familiar with the issue or pretend that do not know about its essence, then give advice in their country.We live at Home and forgot to ask you, we are here to act. We will not allow journalists of some fucked-up edition took over the functions of surveillance of the people and give us from abroad tips.And in the drafting of the task are publishing another list of cars to Radio Liberty, engaged in the surveillance of politicians, businessmen and ordinary citizens:1. VW T4 green KHR 2032. VW T5 white AA 5246 OS3. VW T5 beige AA 8243 TN4. Volvo black AA 7389 NN5. Ford Focus grey AA 4208 TA6. Toyota Camry black AA EV 52747. Chevrolet Lacetti grey AA 4403 TV8. KIA Cerato grey 9466 AA AB9. Toyota Camry black AA 6182, NOT10. Opel Astra grey AA 6198 MA 11. Opel Astra grey AA 1213 VHAll who found them have the right to catch the ear and to fight back hard.Also recall, from the 30th of October I work as a journalist on channel 112 and the detection of illegal actions on the surveillance of people is now my editorial job.Who will be this way, will be prosecuted for impeding journalistic деятельности.www.aportnov.comPortnovUA

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