The IMF responded to the failure of Ukraine’s implementation of important recommendations

The International monetary Fund know about the prolongation of the land moratorium in Ukraine, the abolition of which was previously included in the list of conditions on lending.

У МВФ відреагували на зрив виконання Україною важливої рекомендації

The international monetary Fund familiarized with the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on prolongation of the land moratorium, and that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has supported the project, informs Rus.Media.

The IMF is concerned about the situation, Recalling that the abolition of the veto of the land previously included in the list of compulsory recommendations to continue credit cooperation.

The Fund urged the Ukrainian government and people’s deputies to accelerate work on the bills necessary to run the land market to in the near future, the veto was lifted.

This was announced by the Fund’s resident representative in Ukraine Jost Longman.

He also urged the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to facilitate the process of privatization of state property. In his opinion, the sale of land and privatization – “promising sector”, in terms of inward investment.

“Among the things that you should do is to focus on land reform, should also concentrate on privatizing state-owned enterprises”, – said Longman.

Jost Longman added that the recommendation on the fight against corruption Ukraine previously ignored, because its reduction has not occurred. The creation of anti-corruption agencies for analysts of the IMF in light of recent events, seems like a cosmetic measure.

“We haven’t seen radical changes in the level of corruption. Although institutions have been established that will help to fight corruption,” he added.

From 7 February 2019 in Ukraine entered into force the decision on the extension of the veto to the sale of agricultural land. The Ukrainian President did not veto the project, agreeing with the opinion of people’s deputies of the Verkhovna Rada that the land market is not yet ready for full launch and operation. In the note to the law on the extension of land the veto indicates that the regulatory and legislative framework for the treatment of land in Ukraine was not prepared in full, launching a land market in 2019 could result in significant violations of the rights of Ukrainian citizens.

In January, President Poroshenko said that the moratorium on land sales in Ukraine protects the rights of customary land owners, since criminals are finding ways to buy land to bypass the ban. The head of state added that at the moment in terms of the land veto the law enforcement agencies are unable to protect the rights of land owners and protect them from the manipulations of speculators.

The President promises to establish a “high minimum prices for land and high registration fee” to local governments and land owners receive higher income from the sale of their land.