The Impact will no longer be able to rely on Blerim Dzemaili

Photo: Michael Perez, Associated Press
Blerim Dzemaili, who arrived last year as the designated player in may, will not be back with the Impact in 2018.

Joey Saputo has emphasized how the plan that has introduced to Rémi Garde liked him. This plan should, however, pass from Blerim Dzemaili.


The swiss international, who arrived last year as the designated player in may and who has scored seven goals in twenty-two starts, will not be back with the Impact in 2018.


Guard confirmed on Wednesday that the midfielder, 31-year-old had asked to return to Italy, for reasons of both family and sports.


“From there, we try to find the best solution, noted the coach. As of today, nothing is definitively acquired. But from my side, when a player comes to express his desire not to be at a place […] even if I wanted to work with him, we can logically deduce that he will not be there. “


“It is certain that when you lose a player like Dzemaili, you have to have a plan B,” added Saputo. As Rémi said, we do not want to reveal all our plans. But it is necessary to replace a player of this caliber. We will give all possible support to the coach and his assistants to find a player of the caliber of Blerim. “


The team works to find him a replacement, but the period of the transfers is more competitive than what the Impact expected.


“It is true that there is not a lot of players who have signed [a contract], has admitted to Custody. But at the time of the talks, it is not found all the same not in front of a blank page. Maybe in the days — hours — that come, we’ll have the signatures to advertise. It is a mercato difficult, because there is competition and you need to convince the players. It is true that I said that in an ideal world, I would love to have my complete team at the beginning of the camp. The reality in a club, it is always the same : it is dependent of this market. “


A name has been widely circulated : Saphir Taïder, midfielder, who currently works with FC Bologna, on loan from Inter Milan.


Saphir Taïder is a part of the players who, sportingly, may be of interest to me “, underlined Guard about the international algerian.


Done to Crépeau


Moreover, it seems that the adventure is over for the keeper québécois Maxime Crépeau with the Impact. With the additions of Clement Diop and Jason Beaulieu on Tuesday, there is a lot of traffic in front of the net of the montreal eleven, which is also counting on Evan Bush and James Pantemis.


Guard has confirmed that Bush will be the owner in the beginning of the season, assisted by Diop.


“Maxim expressed to me the wish to play, what I can understand by looking at the course, said the Guard. We are working on the file and I hope be able to give him satisfaction. “


“I participated in the development of my team, did not fail to point Fight. I looked up videos on each of them, even Jason Beaulieu : I managed to get one of his games in New Mexico. Therefore, I chose, as James Pantemis and Clément Diop. They are guardians of different ages, that will grow in a different way. The one who progresses the most will take more. “


It can’t be more clear.

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