The impeachment kvartirovladelets

Импичмент квартирооптимистам

Just today on one of the sites appeared correspondence in the messenger allegedly of the Prime Minister Goncharuk with the alleged head of customs Nefedov. Solid, you know, zrada.First, managers communicate in Russian. Second, all the time talking about sex. Who “the fuck”, when “fuck” as “fuck” – “as a boy” and say goodbye to the kind – “fuck off”. It is clear that the set just for BDSM and BRDO. There is a big difference.We understand that Igor last week with their “wild cards” and texting completely changed the agenda of the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada.What Nefedov communicates with the window – it’s not a secret. What the Cabinet participates in the preparation of local elections – also no big secret. But the fact that the Prime Minister personally controls the flow of customs – that’s interesting.As more interesting that is also in correspondence of the Prime Minister. Or allegedly of the Prime Minister. Because, really, Goncharuk himself head of government feels. Subordination to “fuck off”. Yes, in General, no Prime Minister and not perceive.Another “wise” decision is the appointment Goncharuk as his adviser on foreign policy Svetlana Zalishchuk, which is part of the group known kvartirovladelets – Zalishchuk, Leshchenko and Nayem. Apparently, not only the Democrats in Washington, but local representatives of the liberal community want to convey to Donald and his Tranovich super active attorney Giuliani to a hypertensive crisis from thoughts, how many more enemies of the US and personally trump can dig in the structures of the Ukrainian authorities.Most importantly, the assurance that she is still organizing the external relations of the Cabinet, does not cause the slightest doubt. The number of foreigners attracted by Zalishchuk for investment, at least in my apartment and common life on terms of “service for service”, is impressive.So, on the basis of correspondence and also information about not so traditional approaches in the work of the members of the Cabinet who is who and when will do impeachment – the public is not yet clear. But we will hope for new revelations from Igor.Based on the fact that the first Deputy head of SBU – the head of the Main Directorate for combating corruption Central Directorate of the SBU assigned, according to updated information, people Khoroshkovsky, which was agreed with Kolomoisky, sports a playful group of members of the Cabinet accompanied by kvartirovladelets not given especially.Or, at least, will remove the “home-video” to Igor V. inter. This is not correspondence to “fuck off”.shadow_anonymous

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