The importance of sleep: impact of sleep deprivation on the body

What happens to the body if little sleep?

Важливість повноцінного сну: як впливає недосип на організм

March 15 – world day of sleep. This unusual holiday is celebrated annually on the Friday before the spring equinox. In this day talks about the importance of sleep to humans.

People without sleep can live from 3 to 7 days. Further, there are strong psychological and physiological disorders that lead to destruction of the organism. But even if you just a lack of sleep – this has a negative impact on you. How? Read our article, informs Rus.Media.

How many people have to sleep?

Scientists say that people have to sleep 10 hours to rest. But that’s not true. One people is enough for 6-8 hours of sleep, others 10-12. It is believed that brilliant people slept for 2-4 hours. Is it truthful information is now difficult to verify. But 99% of people are not geniuses and need restful sleep. Otherwise…

What will happen if you do not sleep one night?

Even one night of bad sleep is enough to shake your health and worsen the appearance. So if you have had a sleepless night, be sure to not accumulate fatigue and fully relax the next night. So, what happens if it is not good to sleep one night?

You start eating a lot. Scientists have shown that lack of sleep increases the appetite. And the person eats more calories and harmful products, because her body requires an increased amount of carbohydrates.

Suffers from attention, reaction and memory. This is especially dangerous for drivers lack of sleep increases the risk of accidents threefold.

You will become less attractive. Lack of sleep is reflected, so to speak, on the face. Bruising under the eyes and tired looking – beauty is not added.

You run the risk of getting sick. Adequate sleep strengthens the immune system, even one day of sleep deprivation is sufficient to the body’s defenses faltered.

You irritated. Researchers from the medical schools of Harvard and Berkeley have proven that inadequate sleep enhances emotional and irritable person. Without proper sleep you can “commit follies”.

Важливість повноцінного сну: як впливає недосип на організм

What will happen to the man if he is chronically sleep deprived?

Sometimes you have to sleep to pass urgent work or in an exam. Researchers are advised to return to normal sleep after the end of the deadline. Otherwise, you risk health and life. What will happen to the body if you are constantly losing sleep?

The risk of stroke increases 4 times. Scientists have proven that constant lack of sleep leads to increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

You gaining weight. Due to lack of sleep the body tries to muster up the energy and does so at the expense of high-calorie food. Chronic lack of sleep increases risks make obesity.

There are chances of developing diabetes and cancer. Inadequate sleep affects the formation of precancerous cells. And poor sleep contributes to the reduction of the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Increase the risks of infertility. Danish scientists have proven that men who slept a little, had less sperm than those who spent 7-8 hours in the arms of Morpheus.

Risks of early death are growing. Since lack of sleep causes the development of deadly diseases, that is, the risks of premature death.

To sleep a full matter. Because sleep along with good nutrition is the Foundation of health, beauty and long life.