The inconsistencies of Trump threaten the u.s. economy

Les incohérences de Trump menacent l’économie américaine

The number of deaths due to the coronavirus exceeds 38 000 in the United States and continues to grow. Despite this, supporters of Trump demonstrated in the capitals of several States to protest against the measures of fight against the virus as decreed by the governing democrats. Some were armed and brandished flags confederate.

The protesters, many of whom wore caps Donald Trump, defied the orders of confinement, were not wearing masks and did not adhere to the rules of distancing. He did not come to the mind of these idiots that they put their lives and the lives of their loved ones in danger. Trump has qualified the participants in these bewildering manifestations of stupidity social “people very responsible”.

One day, after having renounced to be able to “total” it claimed to have to deal with the crisis of the COVID-19 and stated that it was up to the governors of the States to make such decisions, it took an initiative contrary. In a volley of tweets, he protests against the rules of containment and incites his supporters to “liberate” the Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. In the latter case, to protect the second amendment to the constitution – the right to bear arms – which was, according to him, is threatened in this State. Its output surprisingly has, again, led commentators to ask questions about his mental health.

Its main expert on infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, just declare that a déconfinement too quick to revive the economy would lead to a new outbreak of viral infections.

Several governors in the united states, including the democratic party of Virginia, Ralph Northam, and the republican of Maryland, Larry Hogan, have accused Donald Trump of making statements “delusional” and “dangerous” to cancel the containment measures.

These governors argue that the programme in three phases of Trump to loosen the restrictions of confinement is dangerous for the economy and for public health if it is not accompanied by a generalized system of good testing that exists currently and that the United States is, for the moment, unable to put in place.

The New York Times reports that researchers from Harvard University have suggested that the United States should do more than three times the number of screening tests for the coronavirus that are currently being made to create safe conditions for a déconfinement.

The breakaway of the Trump, it must be said, was not really the safety measures against the coronavirus. It was intended to mobilise and to boost its electoral base in States ‘ strategic and harm politically to the governors, democrats who run them.

With eight exceptions, all the States have issued orders of confinement at home. And a few States living in rural areas who have not experienced a significant increase in cases of COVID-19.

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans want the déconfinement be done slowly and carefully. According to Gallup, more than 70% of them would like to see what will happen with the spread of the virus before going ahead with the program of Trump. They are only 20% want an immediate resumption of their normal activities. Republicans and rural dwellers are more conducive to rapid recovery than the democrats who, themselves, live in cities where the virus spreads more easily. But no survey indicates that a republican majority is in favour of an accelerated recovery of economic activities.

What frightens economists and the business world, it is a recovery brusquée leads to a new outbreak of COVID-19. A new braking catastrophic due to an increase of contamination could cause failure in the chain.

This is also true for Canada. When we asked Justin Trudeau in what conditions could take place in the resumption of economic activities, he said that we should attend a drop of the case of coronavirus, the introduction of screening tests and the creation of a system to monitor the chain of contamination.

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