The influencers are responding to the call of the government

In the pandemic period, the influential people who accumulate thousands of subscribers are a real asset to the government of Quebec since they can easily reach out to the youth.

On Thursday, the deputy prime minister Geneviève Guilbault has launched an appeal to the latter to exert a positive influence on young people aged 15 to 35 years who represent a population most affected by the COVID-19.

Valérie Latendresse, a young mother and influenceuse, publishes daily content on his page Instagram.

Like dozens of other influencers, it has responded to the call of the vice-first minister to raise awareness of its subscriber(s)in respect of the different health measures.

“If I have a little influence, I’ll take it and I will show the good example. Either wearing the mask or keeping the distance. The people referred to by the government, these are not people who will necessarily listen to the television. Rather, they are on Netflix, YouTube, or will they go to blogs. Then the people who wear the mask and who respect the aloofness, that is what young people need to see,” says the creator of content in an interview with TVA News.

This is not a coincidence if the government engages specifically to the content creators.

According to psychologist and influencer Paul Simard, phd, “when one builds an audience on the web, it is often with people who trust us, who are accustomed to hear the message we have to deliver”, he explains to VAT New.

“So, it creates a feeling of confidence and if all the influencers are hammering the same message, it gives a message of familiarity, of security, it invites to take action,” he concludes.

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