The infodémie 5G/COVID-19: who benefits from the crime?

L’infodémie 5G/COVID-19: à qui profite le crime?

This is not by chance if there is a infodémie of conspiracy theory linking the implementation of networks 5G in coronavirus as I said in my previous blog post. The anxiety caused by the virus alone cannot explain the extraordinary amplification of the 5G/COVID-19 on social media.

A counter-conspiracy theory, to which I attach a certain credibility, wants the famous causal link between the two is spread by a disinformation campaign cleverly orchestrated.

The agency Blomberg reports that analysis in computer security have identified 22 000 interactions recent on Twitter stating “5G” and “corona” as from accounts that showed “an activity inauthentic”. That is to say that they had characteristics (financial resources committed, computing resources used, etc) of a sustained campaign by a State rather than by “hackers” to be independent.

Blackbird.A-I, a company based in New York that monitors the campaigns of misinformation online, has also noticed an increase in the number of”amplifications non-genuine” on the social networks linking the 5G to the coronavirus.

The researchers of the Global Disinformation Index, which tracks the misinformation online, people say that they have definitely detected a coordinated campaign of disinformation around the 5G/COVID-19.

Some analysts note that the way that the operate of the authors of the current campaign of false information 5G/COVID-19 is similar to that used by theInternet Research Agency, the body underground Russian propaganda that led to the operation of misinformation during the us presidential election of 2016 to promote Donald Trump. Since dozens of campaigns clandestine supported by States have been discovered by researchers on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

A sponsor state for the fabrication 5G/COVID-19? For such a campaign to have the scale that we now see, it is imperative that the false news be widely disseminated on the social networks. It is thus necessary to have a considerable budget to pay for lots of bots, computer programs that log as if it were a human to create false accounts and post false information. And a large staff to manage the operation. Not a teen obese alone in a basement of a bungalow.

There are also, undoubtedly, a large number of covidiots real who spread these allegations 5G/COVID-19 stupid for the fun of it, by gullibility, by malice or greed (they sell drugs to protect against the harmful effects of 5G and/or coronavirus).

“Who benefits from the crime” to coin a phrase? The 5G first. The United States are in the process of implementing this technology, but until recently, they have led a global campaign to dissuade as many countries as possible to adopt the 5G proposed by the chinese company Huwei stating that the software of the system allows China to spy on those who use it. As for the coronavirus, the official policy of Washington asserts that China, the main responsible for its spread. Trump, in fact, even a major focus of his presidential campaign.

The conspiracy 5G/COVID-19 integrates, incoherently it is true, two campaigns of disinformation anti-china.

Difficult to point the finger to the guilty state. The Russians, once again, to help Trump? Dare they risk raising the ire of the Chinese if their manipulation was discovered? Which other ?

Or perhaps we should look on the side of powerful financial groups in the u.s. who have an interest in promoting Trump and detrimental to China.

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