The informal aspect of the SCO summit: journalists are fed sausages on the fire

Неформальная сторона саммита ШОС: журналистов кормят колбасками на огне

With the three evils – extremism, separatism and terrorism will fight the countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization. Has finished in Bishkek SCO summit. It resulted in a joint Declaration, reports the political analyst “the WORLD 24” Maxim Krasotkin.

At the summit today outdoor kitchens – the hottest place. Well, the excitement is comparable with a desire to get on the press point of the President. The journalists were chosen based on where guests to the pork, but everyone liked it.

“Sausages with rolls and mustard chicken. Lined up big – all attracted by the smell,” says chef Dennis Flowers.

From the national soft drinks: barley Maksym, chalap is like ayran and simple brew that foreign journalists are somehow called Russian cola. The territory of the presidential residence was decorated with real yurts in which either a souvenir shop, or a small Museum: the clothing of ancient nomads, musical instruments, crafts and Board games. Even the press center of the Kyrgyz style.

Неформальная сторона саммита ШОС: журналистов кормят колбасками на огнеF

This summit cover more than 500 journalists. The press center was placed inside a huge overhaul of the Yurt. Once it was going, and heads of state. But to understand the full scale of the SCO, just look at the diversity of languages in simultaneous interpreting: Russian, Chinese, Mongolian, Sindhi and dari – one of the languages of Afghanistan.

Today the President once again convinced the world that though they speak different languages, but the overall always find. Today agreed to work together to combat terrorism, extremism and separatism. To do this will be a difficult but effective method to deprive the group of financial support and prevent the promotion of gangsterism on the Internet. No wonder today have adopted the concept of cooperation in the field of digitalization. Vladimir Putin noted that safety is one of priority directions of the SCO activity.

“We consider it important to enhance cooperation within the regional anti-terrorist structure of the SCO, block financial support of terrorists at the expense of proceeds of drug trafficking, to do everything to avoid falling into their hands on chemical, biological and other weapons of mass destruction,” – said the Russian leader.

But the leaders stressed that they consider unacceptable interference in the Affairs of other States under the guise of fighting terrorism. Means to support enterprises can expect in the country, yet it is not included. In General, their numbers and significance of the Shanghai cooperation organization has become comparable to the UN.

“The agenda of the SCO has much in common with the agenda of the UN. It and security issues, and issues of economic development and the human dimension. Continues effective cooperation with international structures in combating illicit drug trafficking, including with UN agencies,” – said the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

Agreed the leaders not to allow someone’s hegemony in the economy, but not to withdraw into themselves and establish relations with other associations of Asia and Europe. This, incidentally, is an old idea of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“We should expand and establish full relations with key multilateral structures of Eurasia. In this respect special attention deserves the initiative of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the three dialogues on partnerships with major regional organizations and projects in Europe and Asia”, – said the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

The political outcome of the meeting was adopted the Bishkek Declaration, which reflected the prospects of SCO development. But the main informal event undoubtedly left the sausages on the fire as an example of good organization of the summit.

All the leaders of the SCO member States signed in Bishkek on more than 20 instruments, including a “road map” for Afghanistan.