The inhabitant of Komi took from the kindergarten my daughter confused with another child

Житель Коми забрал из детсада не свою дочь, перепутав с другим ребенком

In the Republic of Komi inattentive father took from the kindergarten instead of her daughter like her baby girl. The police clarifies all the circumstances, have informed RIA “news” in a press-service of the Republican interior Ministry.

The incident occurred may 8 in a kindergarten in Ust-Vymsky district. According to her, the man messed up children.

“The fact is such, we affirm. We were approached by the head of kindergarten. A man came to kindergarten for her six-year old daughter, mixed up the children and took someone else’s child,” – said the representative of press-service.

She noted that the man once realized that took away from kindergarten is not his daughter, brought the girl back to the institution and handed over to the teacher.