The inhabitants of Odessa came to the medical University to support the Ministerial Commission (VIDEO)

Жители Одессы пришли в медицинский университет поддержать министерскую комиссию (ВИДЕО)

Odessa citizens came to the national medical University to support the new, appointed by the Ministry of health, the rector and the Board.

Supporters dismissed the Ministry of health of the scandalous rector Valeriy Zaporozhan tried to block the work of the Ministerial Commission, and a new rector appointed by the Ministry.

To support the Commission and the new rector came to the community and cares about its inhabitants. The new rector do not give print. Without the help of those who came to support activists, volunteers and concerned citizens of Odessa, he could not get into University. Police trying to restore order. The new Manager off the Internet. He can’t get an answer, where security firm with which the University has a contract and where that contract.

Recall, the court refused to recognize the work of the Commission unlawful, as required by Valeriy Zaporozhan.

As told to the new rector, the Commission will begin work Monday. The new rector is trying to start execution of the duties. The work of the admissions office have been restored.

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