The Inquisition for Ukrainian journalists: this is nowhere in the world

Инквизиция для украинских журналистов: такого нет нигде в мире

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The government wants to close the mouth of all his potential critics.

The Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky most famous for his position supporting a discriminatory law of total Ukrainianization of information and the public space of the country, which promised to abolish before the election from Zelensky.

“I think there is a law about the language that should be carried out. I see no reason to announce any changes in this law”, — he told in interview “to Gromadsky radio”, simultaneously affirming your allegiance to the equally odious dekommunizatsionnye laws.

The Minister frankly admitted that he has always been absolutely Russian and began to use the official language only a month ago, before it was designated a tempting career prospects in the post of Minister. As if demonstrating the unscrupulousness and cynicism of the officials of the new wave.

After these scandalous words in Ukraine once again began to talk about what the words “new power” you need to write only in quotes, given that the Team is “ze” is trying to inherit the policy of their notorious predecessors. And even flaunts it in front of the cheated electorate.

However, new applications of the Borodyansky say that the government Zelensky and Goncharuk are ready to go further than the previous government — especially in the area of occurrence of the rights and freedoms of journalists. This was discussed earlier — and, ironically, threats to the journalist workshop sounded directly at the parliamentary hearings on freedom of speech, where, in theory, would have to say about the protection of media professionals.All the same the Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky then promised to legislate a vague concept of “manipulation of information” threatening reporters with criminal prosecution for all that anyway not like the government, which prudently waits for a barrage of criticism from disappointed its policy citizens.

However, the Minister reacted harshly to the head of the National Council of journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko: “safety is First, and then frighten the criminal responsibility”, — he said the Borodyansky, Recalling that in Ukraine, according to official data, every five days, beaten, or show aggression towards journalists.

“I went to the hearings on freedom of speech and safety of journalists. Was going to tell you how over the 4 years of publication Stranaya we pressed the power, the intelligence, threatened the radicals. But after the speeches of the Borodyansky and Tkachenko I have the feeling that are present at the presentation of the Tribunal against journalists. They threaten journalists with criminal cases, threaten the TV channels. And they are not ashamed to speak in the country, which is still not in jail the killer of the Elder. Where so far no suspects in the murder Sheremet. And you gathered journalists in jail to throw for the information that you will seem manipulative,” he said following the hearing, the journalist Olesya Medvedeva.

On 15 November it became known that the new media law, which proposes to establish an Ombudsman for media and to introduce criminal liability for misinformation in the media, and he announced the same Minister of culture, youth and sports. This resulted in the media community a storm.”The impression is that these initiatives are being introduced not to combat the misinformation and prejudice of the media and journalists. Two initiatives are alarming in the first place — the creation and funding of “journalistic” self-governing structure that will be responsible for regulation and licensing, as well as structures for licensing journalists. This is very dangerous, and we can only assume how you will use these mechanisms. Also the creation of an Ombudsman on information raises questions. Rather, it will be the inspector on struggle against threat information. For whom the threat is a rhetorical question. Right now we’re actually creating a new regulatory authority over the strongholds, which also has the ability to sue for spreading “fake”, if the authority decides that the information is fake. This is the practice of authoritarian countries”, — said the head of the National Council of journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko.

“The main goal of legislative initiatives of the Borodyansky — to create the institution of the Inquisition, which will “educate” criticize the government, journalists, and, if needed, burn them in fire of hatred of the Pro-government botafirm, to deprive of the status of journalistic and fine the media, which allows the creation of a journalists work,” added Denis ivanesko, the Director of news Agency “Ukrainian news”.

Today it became clear that the authorities are really prepared for the Inquisition of the opposition media. Parkovatsya in interview to the edition “New time” Borodyansky preferred to equate misinformation to treason, and offered to put in jail the authors of “custom materials”, published in the media. It is clear that misinformation and “custom material” may be any article which is not ordered by the authority itself, or who does not like a particular is close to the Ukrainian imperious Olympus official. For example, the criticism at the Borodyanka.

As for treason — the Minister of culture, youth and sports of the religiously convinced that such critical information could harm the national interests of the country. As believed, by the way, the President Petro Poroshenko. According to observers, this reaction is largely caused by the constant media scandals with the participation of “public servants”, who are caught in questionable conversation, making public the unseemly underbelly of the ruling party. If not come at a Nazi concert, as did the Prime Minister. From Zelensky understand that the number of episodes will grow, and decided to fight it by imposing complete censorship, which is not now in any democratic country in the world.

What is its mechanism? Borodyansky promises to create in the journalistic community is something like a Committee, which will determine the standards of journalism and to issue or withdraw press cards from the media workers, depriving them of the right to profession. This, without exaggeration, punitive, organ, backed up by the same Pro-government Ombudsman shall be to determine the extent of “manipulation” of a particular media. Of course, playing only on the side of the authorities.Whether implemented this shameful antihumanists initiative — unprecedented in the modern history of Ukraine? Parliamentary votes for its adoption is enough — more than that, there are even attempts to extend new rules to the blogosphere, equating popular bloggers to the media. The question is whether to organize the Ukrainian mediabestanden that need to understand what threatens them “unprecedented freedom of expression 2.0”, which was not even dreamed of Petro Poroshenko.

It is important to understand that all this is in General a completely objective process. It is not that Borodyansky, Tkachenko, Goncharuk or he Zelensky some special suit villains, worse Parubiy, Pashinsky and Poroshenko. No, on the contrary is a soft hipster breed. Just expect people’s reaction to the realization of the ambitious plan anti-social reforms that is going to introduce the power leaves them no other choice.

Need to prepare for the protests and, therefore, permanently to create an effective tool of censorship to shut your mouth all dissenters, to deal with too active critic among journalists, intimidating others and, in principle, to do away with opposition publications as such.

“Democratic reforms” does not tolerate any democracy, as taught to us by grandfather Pinochet.Andrey Manchuk

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