The insurance offered on Amazon?

Des assurances offertes sur Amazon?

The direction of iA financial Group does not preclude the possibility of one day offer its insurance products on the Amazon site, if the opportunity presents itself.

“We are a specialist in the manufacture and they are in the distribution. I would see very well in the future, that we can sell our products through a platform Amazon “, confirmed to the Newspaper the president and chief executive officer of iA Group financial, Denis Ricard.

The latter specifies, however, that there has been no exchange for the moment, between the two organizations. He adds that in the face of the rise of these giants of the web, it is best to collaborate with them
try to compete.

“You can’t compete against Amazon, it is necessary to be partners,” replied the president, a few minutes after the opening of the Toronto stock Exchange at the registered office of the company, on Grande Allée.


In recent years, Amazon has made a foray into the world of insurance sales, particularly in France. The member of the GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) has signed a partnership agreement with the insurer Aviva France.

The customers of this company can now use Amazon Pay to subscribe to a contract of automobile insurance or residential.

Google is also trying to break into the insurance market for several years with a price comparison website, in particular in the automobile insurance industry.

iA financial Group ensures that its recent acquisitions and its willingness to take the expansion on the side of the United States have no connection with the possible deployment on the global scale of a Google or Amazon insurance.

As what the insurance industry is currently going through a period of consolidation last week, the companies with The Capital and SSQ Insurance have announced that they wish to merge their activities in the coming months.