The interior Ministry published a video of a grenade explosion in the center of Kiev, which killed 2 people

The incident was recorded by a surveillance camera between Pushkinskaya St. and Blvd. Shevchenko

В МВД опубликовали видео взрыва гранаты в центре Киева, из-за которого погибли 2 человека

The explosion on Pushkin 34 occurred nedaleko from the pub ProRock24 channel
The network has published a video in which you can see the explosion of a grenade in the center of Kiev, which took place on 22 October and led to the deaths of two people. The corresponding video on his page in Facebook posted by the Director of the communications Department of the MIA of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko.

“This lightning flash in the distance lit piece of video from a surveillance camera on the corner of Pushkin and Shevchenko Boulevard at 22:40:05 and is the same grenade explosion that took the lives of two people,” – wrote Shevchenko.

We will remind, in the center of Kiev, in Pushkinskaya street, 34, the evening of 22 October grenade exploded, killing two people. The first victim was a veteran of OOS Victor Degtyarev Callsign “Sensei”, and the second guard office in the name of Michael.

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