The Internet is a cesspool, and the people there calyptotis – deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation

In the state Duma held a meeting of the Committee on information policy, in which, besides deputies, representatives of Roskomnadzor and experts…

Інтернет це смітник, а люди там колупатються - депутати Держдуми РФ

In the state Duma held a meeting of the Committee on information policy, in which, besides deputies, representatives of Roskomnadzor and experts in the field of IT. They discussed a bill to control information that is distributed in social networks. This document was submitted to the Duma in July 2017, and initially it was only mentioned social networks, but then it was never adopted and moved to the spring session, significantly expanding its scope, reports Rus.Media.

The bill defines the concept of a public network is a service where you can exchange messages, whose daily audience is more than 100 000 users. In order for such a service could work in Russia, he is obliged to open a local office and complaints of the user, and also after treatment of Roskomnadzor, FSB, emergencies Ministry and other departments during the day to remove posts and comments containing incitement to hatred, libel, incitement to commit crimes and other illegal information. Every three months the service should publicly report on the removal of such posts.

Under the law, if adopted, will include not only social networks but also all the popular sites. Roskomnadzor will conduct their roster, and to get out of it, will have to prove that the site traffic within six months, at least for one day did not exceed 100 000 people. To determine the attendance you need to be using one of the proposed office of statistics systems.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Perth Fat. It gave those present at the meeting, blogger and TV presenter Andrei Bocharov:

“The Internet is a cesspool, a huge fence, it’s all writing, and all believe it. Pass a law or put the filter. In Telegram there is no key to transmit the FSB? Well, they’re techies, let them come up with these keys and give the FSB. The social network garbage, but people prefer there to be picked and take the old out. All social networks will have representation in Russia, we were fucking. All should back the purchase to control and ban they will do at their own expense, because they comerci rot, and if you want to earn a profit in our market, we will carry out the laws that we write here”.

According to deputies, the new law will protect Russian citizens from spreading false information. As an example journalists and experts brought stuffing in “Vkontakte” about 300-400 victims at a fire in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry”. If the social network had an obligation to remove the fakes, they would not extend such coverage, and the users would only the official information from emergency and other services.

Obviously, self-publishing and comments, and especially the social network can not provide for pre-moderation of content. This means that the social networks, to avoid fines and locks, will have to carefully monitor publications and to hire additional staff of moderators. Whether it will agree to foreign services or they will be easier to leave Russia, said is impossible.

Impression about the level of competence of the MPs who make the laws governing instant messengers, social networks and other services, you can make this video (but note that it is mounted so that was funny):

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