The investigation started — forget

Следствие начато — забудьте

Photo: ©, the President failed to seek dismissal of the former successful boxer, now the head of the Kyiv city state administration Vitali Klitschko. However, now he seized the lion’s share of authority. But the rest is enough to post remained hearty.

NABS — the national anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine opened a criminal case against the mayor of Kiev and two of his deputies. All three are suspected of treason, embezzlement and abuse of power. Klitschko may be involved in dubious transactions with land plots and unauthorized buildings in the capital.

Analysts openly declare actions NABOO Zelensky another attempt to get rid of Klitschko. However, immediately note all the suspicious decisions have been made or at least approved by the Kyiv city Council, but because they are unlikely to recognize the result of vested interests of one official.

So, to put Klitschko will not work, and Zelensky will not be able to give a tasty place to his man.

Openly assure that Zelensky is not the case. NABOO is not just created at the insistence of the United States of America. It’s like similar structures in many other States — designed to make it easy to remove anyone who becomes inconvenient for SGA. Don’t forget: under the guise of combating illegal laundering — including corruption — revenue made by the international agreement, opened the financial intelligence of SGA to access information about all the settlements in dollars. Such a powerful information Foundation, you can initiate many cases.

Openly asking: who the Americans want to put looking over Kiev? Or just remind Klitschko that he should not fulfill the desires of Germany, where he and his brother Vladimir for many years lived and practiced, and not even the EU as a whole, whose administration is under the control of SGA by about half, plus or minus a bast, but only of SGA?Anatoly Wasserman

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