The irony of American corruption

Ирония американской коррупции

The Time magazine published the cover photo unshaven Zelensky. And the title: “Between Putin and trump. Man at the crossroads”. All of the material right is only the header, and everything else is journalistic garbage with pretensions to analysis. In short, wrote outdoor liberast Democrat. But again, he caught the essence of the right. The Ukrainian President is really caught between two world leaders. And I even guess in what position.

All are convinced of this in the coming weeks. The end is near, as impossible to remain “at the crossroads”. This poses in the modern geopolitical world the Kama Sutra is not. This former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma years was able to balance between the US and Russia by using the concept of multi-vector. Now, Leonid Danilovich? Entertains guests of their son-in-law-oligarch “Yalta summit”, held in Kiev.

The myth of corruption

Will start from afar, so do not blame me. But the issue of corruption today is the Central Ukraine and the USA. For decades, the States fought for “the rights and freedoms of man.” And then abruptly switched to “combat corruption”. Don’t get me wrong: there is no corruption does not exist. It is a global method transfers at all levels of government, business and coworking. Just one can do it, because they are “Democrats and liberals” and others can not. That’s the whole crux of the problem.

Again, for decades representatives of the US Democratic party along with the notorious George Soros, with the aid of trivial corruption in the pure, uncomplicated form created in our country, “civil society institutions”. As I heard those grants? In envelopes. Without any accountability. With thirty percent back to those who give them out. The main thing – to make a correct plan of development “aid”. I still found the time when two “pieces” bucks the Embassy of the Netherlands gave on “the report on the development of free media in post-Soviet society”. The plan called for the purchase of computer, the involvement of “experts” and conduct “a scientific conference in Chernivtsi”. Why in Chernivtsi? Doesn’t really matter. Just people born there. Why is the money given by the Embassy of the Netherlands? And so historically. Until now, the main stream of American cache goes through the Dutch. Just “Inbox”. And by a “planogram” brand to the stars, where and what is spent. All the black accounts Department is controlled by structures Soros.

Person times received the money in the envelope, the second. I realized that nothing really to do. Just need to keep the General form of “liberal values”. No deductions with grants in tax and pension Fund, of course, was not provided. In exchange it is necessary to criticize “the power that stifles freedom of speech.” Huge funds were allocated for the creation of “independent trade Union movement”. It was a prototype for future “volunteer organizations”. I know one well-known Ukrainian TV presenter, who received hundreds of thousands on the project to discredit the official Federation of trade unions of Ukraine Olexandr Stoyan. He normally lived, bought a couple of apartments in Kiev, and was engaged in that published paper, which throw mud FPU, and came up with mA’am “federasty”. That’s what is that if not corruption? First hundreds, and then tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been forced into the structure of the “open society” for banal cache. What the grants differ from the envelope obtained for the service? Nothing. Debatable, but, believe me, I had seen enough.

The Americans and Soros has corrupted your money on an entire generation of Ukrainians. They know that our people are very easy to sell. Therefore, immediately after the victory of the “revolution of gidnost” under the direct patronage of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine began the creation of a global system of anti-corruption bodies. Just the country is so mired in corruption that distinguish antikorruptsionera from corrupt almost impossible. And often it’s the same people. Therefore, it was necessary to give a clear signal to the natives: that’s correct yet. They can do anything. And these – list attached – is mired in corruption.

Created the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), headed by Artem Sytnik. Almost simultaneously, the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office (Chapter Nazar Golodnitsky). And as icing on the cake – a Specialized anti-corruption court. A vicious cycle of planting bribe politicians. Detectives NABOO they identify, the ARS monitors the observance of law and the court makes them sentences. It is in theory. What happened in reality? Exquisite, almost blatant corruption of the American global geopolitical consequences.

“Ukrainian feeder” establishment of the USA

NABOO almost from the first months of its operations, engaged in banal racketeering activities of senior American officials in Ukraine. Just think about the meaning of the phrase: the Bureau, created by the States to combat corruption, provides cover for the corruption of American officials. During October-November, 2019, there were dozens of facts incriminating the representatives of the American establishment in… don’t Even know how to properly call it. The point is that the stupid natives should give them money because they are superior race. Why should they (natives) have trained and imparted skills of same-sex love? So they now repay. Ironically the main accused Ukrainian scandal from the United States became the current rival trump in the upcoming election, Joe Biden. I can’t go into details, which the weight.

Just have the materials sealed until now criminal cases, from which it follows that Joe Biden received $900 000 from the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings, which is owned by the former Minister of ecology in the government of Mykola Azarov. For “consulting services”. While at the time of receiving almost a million dollars, Biden was, for a moment, the Vice-President of the United States. Here are some of the services could have been Joe Biden, the company leading the production of gas in the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions? In the official biographies of American Vice-President never said that he had such specific knowledge and skills. There is no hint in the official sources and the fact that Biden’s son hunter is a major expert in the fields in the same Chernivtsi. But I guess the owner of “Borisky” was aware of some hidden from the General public the merits of Biden Jr., as he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the company.

From materials of criminal cases of the GPU and published by the people’s Deputy Andriy Derkach, we all learned about the salary of hunter Biden. $83 000. Not counting one-off payments for “consulting services”. If this is the official salary, why she came to the Bank account of Biden, Jr. the turn of two companies-“strip” from Lithuania and Cyprus? By the way, a similar scheme was received and the funds on the personal account of Joe Biden in “Morgan Stanley Bank” (new York). What is it? Corruption? Or simply the sincere gratitude of the natives?

If we start from concepts accepted in the environment of chap 90 years, the old Joe honestly worked for their loot. Take a look at this scenario: the GPU ran into the “Buriza”. Viktor Shokin (at the time the attorney-General) opened 12 criminal cases connected with the gas company. Got to a small Biden, whom the father put in the Board to earn cash for the family. What to do in such cases is normal, the right kid? Solves the problem with the main. Biden, Poroshenko nominated (at the time the President of Ukraine) ultimatum: either you take Shokin for six hours, or left without American guarantees on loans worth $1 billion. the Boy said – boy did. The public Prosecutor was fired. In its place put Yuri Lutsenko. For some time the subject of the Biden family has gone by the wayside.

And now it is again updated. Again, the materials of criminal cases. That is not some kind of investigation, “independent journalists”, and the facts established in the course of investigative and operational activities. In particular, it was revealed the role of NABOO. To him, the General Prosecutor’s office referred the case for “Buzzme”. They immediately requested the U.S. Embassy. Read correspondence of the assistant to the first Deputy Director of the NAB Guizot Plavi Paulina czyż with the official representative of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev Anna Yemelyanova (specialist on legal issues of the programme of fight against corruption of the U.S. Department of justice). From it, with…ka, it follows that NABOO is a branch of the American FBI. How can you transfer at Zlochevsky representative of a foreign state? Local law this qualifies as treason. But from the point of view of relations between masters and natives – a normal practice. “Local” started digging into what people Ah. Need to know what they dug up, how it all to pay off quickly and bring to life high-handed investigators.

Just add up the facts that are in the public domain, in one puzzle. And we get the following results: NABU blocks the investigation in relation to the Biden family at the level of investigative actions. Senior Biden solves all the issues at the level Poroshenko. In summary: the change to the attorney General and “collection of personal information by the family Shokin”. At the request of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev. Who collects personal information? Detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau. Why? To “press” the uncle who wanted to sue Biden Sr., publicly called the former attorney General “son of a bitch”. From the perspective of an ordinary, sober person, the episode with the “Borispol” – a typical scheme of protection of huckster-Commerce. But when it is engaged in a U.S. Embassy, NABOO and current Vice-President of superpower, we are talking about… “Russian interference in the internal Affairs of States.”

“Ukrainian trail”

Read the conclusion of the American intelligence Committee and other nonsense about the intervention of Ukraine in the U.S. presidential election in 2016. Very interesting. No interference of Kiev was not. More precisely, not so: the intervention was, but it is not comparable with the Russian. The episode with the participation of Kiev in American elections has no direct relationship to the corruption of the American elite, but perfectly illustrates the psychology of the local political elite.

See how it was. On the basis of the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington has established a headquarters for the collection of dirt on the candidate trump. All of us then jumped out of his pants, keeping grandma Hillary. Of course! Democrats – they’re the breadwinners of the whole galaxy of “fighters”. The Ukrainian project has entered the phase of direct control. In the state Department decide who becomes President, who will head the government, which banks will remain when the next tranche of the IMF. It is clear that all the leaders of the nation called Donald a “Russian agent” and excelled in the banter over the “rough goat.” And expressed a strong desire to throw shit on the Republican candidate.

So, the headquarters was headed personally by Ambassador Valeriy Chaly, and he put Alexandra Chalupa – a functionary from the democratic party of the United States. And it so happened that we even exceeded the plan! First Deputy head of SBU Victor Trepak how would suddenly get hold of a copy of that page is “granary books” of the Party of regions, which allegedly have receipts Paul Manafort in obtaining millions of dollars from the “bloody dictator”. And Manafort at the time headed the entire campaign trump. And Yes, it really worked as a political consultant to Yanukovych. Won him two campaigns: parliamentary and presidential.

Where Trepak received a copy of the “granary books” – unknown. He says that “slipped under the door.” The ex-Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko’s another version: “for Manafort signed by one of the deputies”. But in 2016, these little things no one hovering. National anti-corruption Bureau (there it is again!) initiate a criminal case on the “payments from “granary books”. On the official website of the Bureau appear the same scans of the Trepak. By the way, last year there was a record of the conversation of Sytnyk with some ruts. Director of the NABU frankly admits, “sho we’re stoked as they could for Hillary.” Yes, stoked.

MP from the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Sergei Leshchenko (nicknamed “the Bearded woman”), with the support of the Democrats PR “of Manafort-bribe” in the American media. Floor with the scandal left the post of head of the election campaign, and then winds up in prison. And Ukrainian money somehow imperceptibly turned into a “Russian”.

Most importantly – Ukrainian dirt work. But here’s the thing: trump has won. And this, of course, greatly complicated the situation then ruling elite. Yes, the social media posts about “Donald-moron” they rubbed. But osadochek remained. And most importantly, had a desire to investigate the case until the end. And how to do it? The Democrats are so excited by the topic of trump’s pressure on Zelensky to you regarding the facts of corruption in the case of “Borisky” and Joe Biden that made impeachment proceedings. All those involved in American corruption in Ukraine is given against trump’s accusatory statement. Ex-police Marie Yovanovitch says it was misrepresented in Ukraine, was accused of stealing American taxpayers ‘ money, and she’s not. In fairness I should note that Marie really didn’t take the two and a half million that was allocated to the reform. The General Prosecutor’s office. They whistled trained in the US, the Georgian reformers (David Sakvarelidze and company). But Jovanovic was involved in the protection racket Biden. But how to prove it? The thing about impeachment is coming to the finale. Pereorat Democrats who control the “liberal media”, RESPA have not yet succeeded. And then it took the hands of Rudy Giuliani.

The documentary “antiunion”

Personal lawyer trump suddenly appears in Kiev with the crew of one of the American TV channels sympathetic to the Republicans. For two days (December 5 and 6) Giuliani meets with people involved in the investigation of corruption in the us government. This MPs Andriy Derkach and Alexander Dubinsky (held a joint press conference on the subject), ex-General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin, ex-first Deputy Prosecutor General Konstantin Kulik (directly dealt by the company “Purisma”). A day earlier in Budapest “producer” Giuliani met with former Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, one of the former employees of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States since the Chaly and other Ukrainian politicians. In an interview with American media, Giuliani did not explain why he came to Kiev, and that means his sudden love for the documentary. The lawyer will cautiously stated that “acts in the interests of his client”. As they say, smart enough. Rudy representing the interests of U.S. President Donald trump, interview key witnesses of corruption of senior officials of the United States in Ukraine. Don’t know if they gave an oath during the interview and how it fits into American law. But I can assume that the series will be great. Two former attorney-General, the investigator in the case “Borisy”, the employee of the diplomatic mission of Ukraine, other interesting faces. They talk about Biden, his son, Yovanovitch and other senior American officials, who “fought with Ukrainian corruption.” Will it help in the case of the impeachment of trump? I do not know. But Rudy knows his stuff. Fact. That’s why I wrote in the beginning of the article: Zelensky can no longer stand “at the crossroads”. Giuliani may again come to Kiev. And it is not excluded that the President will be forced to give it a “documentary interview”. It’s only the beginning…

Alexander Zubchenko

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