The islamic cultural Centre of Québec comes to the aid of the homeless

Photo: Jacques Boissinnot The canadian Press
The islamic cultural Centre of Quebec

Quebec — The islamic cultural Centre of Quebec, who has been the target of a terrible attack in nearly a year, is mobilizing to help the homeless, the Old Capital.

The homeless face a particularly severe winter this year. The spokesperson for the Centre, Mahédine Djamai, stresses that it is the duty of all muslims and the whole population of the care of the poor.

Mr. Djamai points out that muslims in Quebec have been very touched by the solidarity of Quebecers in the wake of the attack on the mosque, in January 2017. It is normal, according to him, to return this kindness.

The muslims of Québec are asked to make donations, in money or clothing, which will then be donated to shelters, Lauberivière in particular.

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