ISLAMISM In an audio statement broadcast this Sunday, on Telegram, the terrorist organization also calls on its supporters to resume their attacks in Europe by profiting from the war in Ukraine

The Islamic State group promises to “avenge» the death of its former leader

ISIS fighters raise their flag atop a former military fort on June 11, 2014, on the Iraqi-Syrian border. — ALBARAKA NEWS/AFP

The jihadist organization Islamic State (IS) promised on Sunday to «aveven» its previous leader, who died in February, and was called his supporters at take advantage of the war in Ukraine to resume their attacks in Europe.

On February 3, US President Joe Biden announced the death of former ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hachimi al-Qurachi, who blew himself up during a US special forces operation in the northwest of Syria, a region under the control of jihadists. His death, as well as that of the group's former spokesperson, had been reported. confirmed by ISIS on March 10.

IS also calls to resume attacks in Europe

“We announce, relying on God, a blessed campaign for revenge” of the death of the leader of the IS, declared Abu Omar al-Muhajir, the group's spokesman, in a statement; broadcast audio Sunday on Telegram attributed to them.

ISIS also called his supporters at resume their attacks in Europe by seizing «the opportunity” of «combat between Crusaders» Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Abou Hassan al-Hachimi al-Qourachi, the new leader of the radical Sunni organization, the third of the group since its creation, has so far made little headlines. After a meteoric rise in power in 2014 in Iraq and neighboring Syria and the conquest of vast territories, the IS saw its “caliphate” self-proclaimed to be knocked down under the influence of successive offensives in these two countries, respectively in 2017 and 2019.

10,000 fighters still active between Iraq and Syria?

But the Islamic State “maintains a largely clandestine presence in Iraq and Syria and is waging a sustained insurgency on both sides of the border between the two countries, according to a UN report published in 2018. last year.

In these two countries, the jihadist organization maintains “a total of 10,000 active fighters”, according to the same source. IS also claimed attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan and affiliated jihadist groups also operate in Africa.