The Israeli Navy and France held joint exercises (VIDEO)

ВМС Израиля и Франции провели совместные учения (ВИДЕО)

For the first time in the last 60 years of the naval forces of Israel and France conducted joint exercises. The press service of the IDF reported that the exercises, held in France, attended missile boats of the Navy of the IDF “Kidon” and “Eilat”.

During the exercise simulated various scenarios of warfare, including the joint actions of the sailors of the gunboats and helicopter pilot; fulfill the conduct of artillery fire; the actions of the marine crews in the event of a rocket attack (for the implementation of this scenario were involved in the military fighter jets).

In addition, under one of the scenarios of the exercises, the Israeli Navy and France were developed to rescue the wounded after a major emergency with a large number of victims, said

The army’s press service reported that during his visit to France, the head of the Navy of the IDF Eli Sharvit met with his counterpart, Admiral Christoph Prisacom.

Commenting on the results of the exercise, Vice Admiral Eli Sharvit said: “Given the changes happening in the world, the Israeli Navy should have a global vision. Cooperation with the naval forces of Western countries is vital and is of great importance to strengthen Israel’s security in the Maritime space”.

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