The Italian was posing as a plastic surgeon and performed surgery

In Romania, arrested the Italian who was posing as a plastic surgeon.

Італієць видавав себе за пластичного хірурга та проводив операції

Matteo Politi, 39-year-old Venetian, not even graduated from high school, a former employee of the rental company car, decided to devote himself to medicine, informs Rus.Media. Changing his name and profession (becoming almost a namesake of the famous British surgeon) Matthew Fashion, he went to Romania, where he was posing as a plastic surgeon, a specialist in reconstructive surgery of the breast.

Matteo Politi in 2016 arrived in the country from Italy, where he completed a total of eight classes and worked as a Valet. Fake documents about medical education, he bought in Kosovo. Newly minted doctor actively promoted ourselves in social networks, and claimed that he was the doctor, who was educated in the US, where he operated the stars.

In Bucharest, the man managed to get just four private clinics of plastic surgery, where he held various operations and cosmetic procedures like Botox injections. The Political success of one of his colleagues, a plastic surgeon Adina Alberts, explains the ability to hold a competent conversation on medical subjects: “He was talking about medicine, speech was heard professionalism. But while in the operating room, I and my nurse noticed something was obviously wrong.”

The nurses did not notice the time for Politi atypical behavior for the doctor: he not thoroughly washed hands incorrectly and put on gloves prior to surgery. The surgeon stepped up surveillance and found the lack of professional skills. The man tried to escape, he was detained at the border with Hungary.

In 2011 in Italy the Policy has already been convicted for the medical profession without a license, and forced him to change the name. How he was accepted to work in Romania without registration in the local trade Union of doctors and confirmation of qualification is unknown.

However, the phantom-surgeon gained credibility in social networks: “it is always Important to choose the best doctor,” it’s his last post a few hours before he was arrested. The Italian will have to account for their work: in the best cases, implant a year, “jumped”, and at worst caused festering wounds, infection and tissue damage.