The Jaguars no longer want to Fournette

Les Jaguars ne voudraient plus de Fournette

The Jacksonville Jaguars will try now to exchange the rusher Leonard Fournette. This is what revealed the network ESPN, Saturday.

Several of training course are in talks with the team in florida. The transaction could be concluded during the draft for the NFL combine, which will take place from 23 to 25 April next.

In 2020, Fournette will play the final season of a four-year contract. He will receive a salary of 4.16 million $.

In the past year, the athlete of 25 years ran the ball 265 times for 1152 yards of gains and three touchdowns in 15 games. He also caught 76 passes for 522 yards.

On Thursday, the rusher had said the network ESPN that the Jaguars should offer a contract to a quarterback, Cam Newton. The “Jags” have, however, reiterated their confidence in Gardber Minshew, who had done well in his first campaign in the pros in 2019.

“Cam went to the Super Bowl. It is a terrific guy. I know Cam since forever, had said Fournette. As I said to some people who have talked to me, this is not for lack of respect towards Minshew. I’m just trying that we are in the best position possible as a team.”

The head coach of the Jaguars, Doug Marrone, has reacted to the words of his athlete.

“[When a athlete makes comments like these, it will end up in the locker room and he’s going to have to say : “I said because I really think that it is best for the team”. If it was not ultimately best for the team, you find yourself with problems, has said the pilot to the NBC network. It is not as if the coach could put himself between the two players and fix the situation.”

Marrone may be decided that the best thing was to send Fournette in other climes, instead of dealing with a chicane in his locker room.

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