The Japanese will spend two years to speed up the train for a minute

Японці витратять два роки, щоб прискорити поїзд всього на хвилину

This will be installed sound-absorbing panels
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Japanese railway company JR East was a two-year construction project which will allow passengers to get from Ueno station to Omiya station, one minute faster.

To speed up the train, the engineers will have to establish paths in a special sound-absorbing panels.

Apparently, JR East is crucial expedite travel between the stations. However, the speed of trains should be increased to 130 kilometers per hour instead of the current 110 kilometers per hour.

More than 10 years ago, the JR East engineers have already tried to do it, but faced with the discontent of residents of the houses located near the railroad. At this speed the train was making very loud sounds, so the idea was abandoned.

Японці витратять два роки, щоб прискорити поїзд всього на хвилину

The train will go one minute faster / nikkei

Now the company has decided to spend two years on the construction of sound-absorbing panels around parts of the railroad, about where people live. It is expected that after this train can accelerate to 130 kilometers per hour and it will speed up their maximum at the distance between stations can be accomplished in 29 minutes instead of the current half-hour.

It seems that the project will require a small investment, but enough time. We believe that this will help to significantly increase ridership.

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