The jihadists intend to use a virus?

Les djihadistes envisagent-ils de se servir d’un virus?

The jihadists Canada and her allies are fighting in Iraq could develop and “militarizing” of pathogens such as the coronavirus?

It is a question of “Top secret” that no person in authority in western countries, and probably elsewhere in the world, does not want to comment on it officially, for fear of adding to the anxieties of the present.

Already in 2015, while Daesh was on the march to Ottawa, we refused to even confirm to me the deployment to the Middle East to an obscure special forces training known as the joint incident response Unit CBRN. It is the unit of immediate reaction intended to counter threats of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear. Citing operational security, the military spokesman of the canadian was simply to tell me that the canadian military were ready to face any eventuality. Even if Ottawa refused to comment, the u.s. armed forces have put online photographs of the exercise Eager Lion 2014, which was showing canadian soldiers training fellow jordanians in the fight against chemical and biological weapons.

The presence on the ground of our unity anti-weapons of mass destruction is an indication that the coalition anti-Daesh was already deeply concerned by the possible use of such weapons by the jihadists. Since the 90’s, Al-Qaeda under Osama Bin Laden had made the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction as one of its priorities. The islamic State has already used chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria. Its competitor, Daesh also has the ability to achieve this scary project.

Biological weapons are weapons is a dream for the jihadists because of their capacity to cause significant disruption and significant loss of tax revenue for the governments involved. Biological weapons are deadly pathogens – bacteria, micro-organisms or viruses, or toxins spread deliberately as a weapon of mass destruction. These organisms can be transmitted by inhalation, contact, absorption: the multiplicity of the methods to propagate them in public spaces makes them even more formidable.

Cleaning up after such an attack will require that the people, buildings, infrastructure and the environment undergo a decontamination process long and expensive. We see with what is currently happening with the coronavirus, the States are ill-equipped to take drastic measures to be effective to contain the epidemic.

There are several reasons why terrorist groups are attracted to biological weapons, including their rapid proliferation, low cost of operation, the plurality of media insertion, and the process of decontamination which would require research prolonged, and investments in appropriate antibodies. Volunteers for the missions of suicide, the jihadists are the ideal vehicles for the spread of pathogens.

The biological raw materials to develop biological weapons are easily available. Failure to restrict access to carcasses and detritus of animals.

In addition, these attacks would cause huge panic and instability threatening the socio-economic order. There have been indications that the AES has experienced to develop pathogenic agents from animal material. Mohammed Abrini, the man responsible for the attacks in Paris in 2015, has been made with the debris of animals (bag which contained animal faeces, and testis of animals).

Pathogens more sophisticated are easily available in university laboratories, the factories of vaccines and the pharmaceutical companies, who are all civilian facilities little protected.

What is it that prevents Daesh or Al-Qaeda to launch a bio-operation on a large scale? Perhaps it is the impossibility of controlling the pathogen once it is released, not more than the groups targeted by the pathogen which could not be limited or confined.

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