The Kardashian sisters never cease to amaze the public

Сестры Кардашьян не перестают удивлять общественность

A few days ago it became known that Courtney and Kylie Jenner have jointly developed a line of cosmetic products. And for promotional shots famous cousin undressed. However, girls did not show private parts, so Flirty posed in the same combidress powder shade and white swimwear. The reality star has already submitted footage, posting a series of photos in social networks. By the way, fans noted that the relative, despite the age difference, they look almost twins. It is worth noting that the new series cosmetics go on sale early next month.

Kylie does not disclose all the secrets, but it turned out that the celebrity has produced several juicy shades of lipsticks and blush, a bronzer and a series of other necessary small things. It is noteworthy that the lip products will remain opaque. Courtney reported that the whole family has already tested the new items. Despite the fact that the mother of 3 children all less likely to use the makeup products she stated that this series will undoubtedly occupy a significant place in her purse.

Writes the representatives of the Kardashian family did not get rid of the clothes completely. As earlier photos of Nude sisters Hadid has caused a flurry of criticism from the public and fashion critics. Mannequins was accused of promoting perversion, and cooperation with Gigi refused by the Director. The model is now trying to find a new team, and enjoy the forced vacation. Fortunately, fans of the Kardashian sisters endorsed a new cadre of celebrities. Fans noted that the girls managed to look attractive and desirable, without being vulgar.


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