The Kardashians launched a new collection of the Italian luxury brand

Семья Кардашьян представила новую коллекцию итальянского элитного бренда

Not long ago, Kim Kardashian has closed its own brand of clothing. However, this did not prevent popular girl to be the face of the famous fashion house. It became known that a mother, her daughter and Kris Jenner introduced a new collection of Italian luxury brand “Fendi”. It is noteworthy that three representatives of the legendary clan posed in nature, where demonstrated the actual images. For example, the head of the family shone in a wool jacket and pastel green skinny pants and simple shirt blue-gray color.

Writes the heiress of Kim Kardashian boasted a blouse with ruffles, jacket, leather shoes, flat shoes and dark shorts made of satin material. But the wife of rapper did not change the usual style. Therefore, the presented fitting black pants, leggings with authentic print of the fashion house, silk blouse in a creamy tone and a miniature leather bag. It is worth noting that the fashion house “Fendi” is one of the favorite for many representatives of show business. For example, in one of the latest videos Nicki Minaj shone in a fur coat and a Thong, decorated with the print of the fashion house.

And Kris Jenner has repeatedly posed in fur garments, scarves and shawls from the “Fendi”. By the way, the brand specializiruetsya sewing exclusive clothes for all family members. The company was founded in 1925 and today she is under the tutelage of popular holding “LVMH”. Despite the cost, because the price for a fur coat Nicki Minaj is more than 44 000 euros, outfits companies are still in high demand. By the way, buy clothes only on reservation. However, this does not prevent the company to earn millions of euros a year. It is unknown what fee demanded by the representative of the Kardashian family. However, the highest paid star of the clan remains Kylie Jenner. After all, one promotional post on her page in Instagram is worth at least $ 1 million.


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