The keeper of the Flames lack of motivation

Le gardien des Flames manque de motivation

By his own admission, the guardian of the Calgary Flames David Rittich has difficulty finding the motivation necessary to keep a physical form that would allow him to put the shin guards in a game of the national hockey League (NHL) tomorrow morning.

“It is still difficult to keep in shape, because mentally, that’s weird,” said the athlete in an interview with TSN. “You prepare, but you don’t really know when you’ll be able to play. It is hard mentally.”

The number one of the Flames was, however, keen to reassure its patrons and supporters of Calgary.

“Everyone knows that I work hard, and I train every day in my garage”, he wished to clarify by the following. “I try to be in the best physical shape possible. We don’t know when or if we will be able to resume playing.”

Need time

Rittich is convinced that all the skaters of the NHL will need a certain period of time to regain the level they had when the circuit Bettman has been forced to suspend its activities on the 12th of march last.

“Everyone will be fit and fresh, as is the case in the beginning of the season. However, at the level of the execution of the game, everyone will be rusty, has expressed the man 27 years of age. We are going to be bad for a few weeks or in the first games. […] I hope that, if we take the season, we will be entitled to a few practices and maybe some games before the series or the conclusion of the regular season.”

In Europe

When the NHL allowed its players to return to their villages, awaiting the developments in the pandemic of sars coronavirus, Rittich was not pray. The native of the Czech Republic and his wife have taken the first plane to return in Europe.

“I wanted to be close to my family and my friends, said the guardian. We could do with FaceTime, but it is not like in real life. We don’t know what can happen or if it will happen something. My wife and I, we want to be at home.”

Rittich has also indicated that none of his relatives had been infected by the disease.

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