The keyboard Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro has arrived

Le clavier Magic Keyboard pour l'iPad Pro est arrivé

Apple has just unveiled the tablet iPad Pro new keyboard Magic Keyboard that allows their owners to use it as a laptop computer.

In addition to this versatility, the keyboard Magic Keyboard integrates a media type of a floating cantilever, which ensures an adjustment of the viewing angle up to 130 degrees.

The keyboard itself is of the standard type and its keys are backlit as on the other laptops in the group. They adopt a mechanism in chisel, whose race is only a millimeter.

According to Apple, its keyboard provides a quality of “hits comfortable and responsive than working on a knee or on a desk”.

The touchpad (trackpad) on the keyboard promises smooth navigation, easy control of the cursor and precise adjustments. It may here be added that the touchpad is more natural to use than the comings-and-goings of the hand between the keyboard and the screen.

As for the power supply, the keyboard uses the USB port-C only for charging the tablet, which frees the USB port-C of the latter to connect accessories, external hard drives or screens.

And for more security, when Magic Keyboard is plugged in and closed, the microphone of the iPad Pro are disconnected, which prevents any compromise of the audio data.

Compatibility and price

The pad managed by the system iPadOS is designed to work perfectly with the applications that customers use every day, added the press release from Apple today.

Available in French, the new Magic Keyboard is designed to work with the new iPad Pro, as well as with models iPad Pro from the previous generation.

For iPad, Pro 11 inch, keyboard, Magic Keyboard will cost 399 CDN $and 449 $CAD) for the model with 12.9-inch.

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