The killer of the son of the former President of Germany seriously wounded a policeman

Убийца сына экс-президента ФРГ тяжело ранил полицейского

Fritz von weizsäcker is the son of the former President of Germany Richard von weizsäcker (in the frame). Illustration: Bild.deIn Germany investigating the murder of a doctor a Berlin clinic of Fritz von weizsäcker, son of the President of Germany (1984-1994) Richard von weizsäcker. The killer also wounded a police officer who tried to detain him.

The deadly attack happened in a private clinic during a medical lecture, which was delivered by weizsäcker, Jr. According to Bild, came into the room, an unknown man with a knife and the eyes of the doctors stabbed 59-year-old physician. People managed to detain the criminal, and the first to neutralize the murderer rushed a COP who turned casually to lectures. It is reported that he suffered serious stab wounds. Fritz von weizsäcker died on the spot. The suspect was not previously known to the police. The only thing that is known about the killer that he is 57 years old.

Fritz von weizsäcker was a specialist in internal medicine. At the clinic reported that there are regular lectures that are typically made to the concerned health workers. Weizsäcker gave a lecture about the problems of the liver, it came to listen to about 20 people.
Colossal said that Richard von weizsäcker died on 31 January 2015 at the age of 94 years. From 1981 to 1984 he was mayor of West Berlin, and then worked for 10 years by the Federal President. During the Second world war fought against the Soviet Union in 1945, was wounded on the territory taken by the red army in East Prussia. Weizsäcker senior had been known for his speech in the Bundestag on 8 may 1985, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the German surrender. Then he said that Nazi Germany caused the Soviet Union much more damage than the figure adopted as official. According to some, the family von Weizsäcker is distantly related with Vladimir Lenin.

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